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ProGro BIO Appoints New Regional Field Directors

ProGro BIO expands its operations with the appointment of two new Regional Field Directors, Jared Clark and Zachary Lancaster.
Key Takeaways
  • ProGro BIO, a company dedicated to regenerative farming through organic products, announces the appointment of two new Regional Field Directors.
  • Jared Clark takes up the role for the Southern Region. He has expertise in cotton consulting and has been part of the Southeast fertilizer industry. Clark expresses his excitement to promote the product Rhizol for greener farming.
  • Zachary Lancaster joins as the Regional Field Director for the Mid-South Region. Coming from a family deeply rooted in agriculture, Lancaster possesses comprehensive plant and soil science knowledge and aims to demonstrate the benefits of Rhizol.
  • CEO Blake Young underlines the role of Regional Field Directors in providing agronomic guidance technical advice, and maintaining distributor relationships.
  • ProGro BIO’s product, Rhizol, is an all-natural microbial soil inoculant that aids in restoring soil ecosystems and biodiversity.

In a recent announcement, ProGro BIO declared the appointment of two new esteemed professionals, Jared Clark, and Zachary Lancaster, to its nationwide field operations network as Regional Field Directors.

Jared Clark: Southern Region’s New Face

Jared Clark joins the company as the Regional Field Director for the Southern Region. His responsibilities will majorly include grower consulting and advisory services across multiple states. With a significant history in the agricultural sector and a specialization in cotton consulting, Clark has made his mark in the Southeast fertilizer industry over the past years. He has earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Diversified Agriculture and is a Certified Crop Advisor.

Reflecting on his appointment, Clark shared, “Throughout my career, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in farmers looking towards biologicals to support greener and more environmentally safe farming practices. I look forward to working with ProGro to introduce our highly efficacious product, Rhizol, to growers and consultants”.

Zachary Lancaster: Steering Mid-South Region

Zachary Lancaster is taking the helm for the Mid-South Region. With a family background deeply embedded in agriculture, Lancaster’s understanding of the field is inherited and academically earned. He is actively involved in his family’s farming operations, significant in soybean and corn crops. On the educational front, he holds a bachelor’s degree in plant and soil science and a master’s degree in agronomy. Lancaster’s previous tenure with Bayer Crop Science’s North Delta research group further solidifies his credentials.

Lancaster commented about his new role, “ProGro is a perfect career transition for me to leverage my knowledge and experience with farmers as we demonstrate Rhizol’s positive impact on natural soil health, fertilizer efficiency, and crop yields.”

Blake Young, Chairman and CEO of ProGro BIO, expressed his optimism regarding the new appointments, stating, “Our Regional Field Directors provide valuable agronomic oversight and counsel to growers, provide technical advice on application protocols for our products, and maintain important relationships with distributors and dealers in the market. We are delighted to welcome Jared and Zach to the company”.

About ProGro BIO

At the heart of ProGro BIO’s operations is Rhizol, an all-natural, organic microbial soil inoculant. Offered in a soluble powder form, Rhizol has displayed impressive efficacy in rejuvenating soil ecosystems and biodiversity. By advocating regenerative farming practices, ProGro BIO aims to champion the cause of all-natural agricultural products. 

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