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Pure Harvest Wins “Product of the Year Award 2023” for Sustainable Agriculture Products in Gulf Region

Pure Harvest Smart Farms

Pure Harvest Smart Farms has received the Gulf region’s “Product of the Year Award 2023” for its entire product range, which includes twenty-six varieties of tomatoes, four varieties of strawberries, and over eight varieties of leafy greens. Pure Harvest is a sustainable technology-enabled agribusiness and the first-ever Controlled Environment Agriculture company to receive the Gulf region’s award. This recognition is a milestone for the industry’s collective efforts to champion sustainable production and reduce import dependency for the Gulf. The award acknowledges excellence in product innovation, attractiveness, and purchase intention, as voted on by almost 4,000 consumers across the region.

Pure Harvest’s innovative farming techniques involve growing crops in controlled environments optimized for efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. As the UAE continues prioritizing food security as a strategic goal, this award highlights the vital role of innovative technologies and solutions in addressing the challenges posed by water scarcity and lack of arable land. The Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Her Excellency Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, recognizes the significance of this award, stating that it drives awareness of the UAE’s high-quality products worldwide.

Sky Kurtz, Founder and CEO of Pure Harvest, expressed his appreciation for the award and its considerable milestone for the industry. As the first CEA business from the Middle East to receive this award, he acknowledges the rising tide of consumer preferences for sustainable, fresh, and environmentally friendly products. Additionally, as a symbol of the achievement and uniqueness of their products, Pure Harvest is permitted to utilize the Product of the Year accredited stamp for the next twelve months to support marketing their products.

Consumers can expect to see Pure Harvest’s range of products in leading retailers, hotels, and restaurants across the UAE and KSA. This award represents a significant achievement for Pure Harvest and highlights the potential for sustainable, technology-enabled agriculture to provide high-quality produce while addressing global food security challenges.

Image provided by Pure Harvest Smart Farm

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