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Rabobank Launches Foodbytes Online Hub to Drive Sustainable Impact in Food and Agriculture Industry

Rabobank Launches Foodbytes Online Hub

Rabobank’s innovation armFoodbytes, has recently launched a new online connection hub for startups, corporates, and investors in the food and agriculture industry. With a seven-year track record of scouting for global innovators and over 450 alumni startups, Foodbytes has established itself as a leading player in the industry. With a total of $3.4 billion invested in its alumni startups, Foodbytes is now expanding its reach and accessibility through its unmatched knowledge and network.

According to Roland van der Vorst, Head of Innovation, Wholesale and Rural, and CEO of the Carbon Bank at Rabobank, Rabobank’s innovation initiatives, including Foodbytes, contribute to the bank’s mission of “growing a better world together” and have a significant impact on the transitions in energy, food, and inclusive society. He also emphasized that Foodbytes, a trusted food and agriculture connector, will play a crucial role in overcoming challenges hindering innovation and collaboration among corporates, investors, and startups through the new online hub.


The new online hub aims to overcome challenges impeding innovation and collaboration in the food and agriculture industry. Foodbytes provides startups with a platform to showcase their technology, impact, investment, and collaboration opportunities through free profiles. Meanwhile, corporates and investors can subscribe to Foodbytes to access exclusive, vetted, and verified global startups, industry-first knowledge, and business-impacting insights. With subscriptions starting at just $10,000 per year for up to four users, Foodbytes is competitively priced and accessible to many businesses.

Foodbytes is already attracting the attention of some of the industry’s most prominent players, with early adopters including Barilla, Rich Products, J.M. Huber, and General Mills’ 301 Inc. Subscribers to Foodbytes will have ongoing access to valuable content and insights from Foodbytes and Rabobank experts, including trend forecasting, industry drivers, and sector outlooks. This is in addition to Foodbytes’ presence at industry events and conferences and its hosting in-person networking events for the community.

To mark the launch of its new online hub, Foodbytes has also introduced a new agriculture-forward green colorway, updated its logo, retooled its website, and revamped its online presence. This rebranding reflects Foodbytes’ commitment to driving sustainable impact and its position as a food and agriculture industry leader.

Photo by Evgeniya Shustikova on Unsplash 


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