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Regrow Ag Celebrates Seven Years Of Climate-Smart Agriculture

Key Takeaways:

  1. Regrow Ag celebrates seven years of advancing climate-smart agriculture.
  2. The company’s Agriculture Resilience Platform is instrumental in helping companies achieve net-zero objectives.
  3. Regrow Ag’s initiatives have led to significant greenhouse gas emission reductions, equivalent to the carbon sequestered by nearly 10 million trees.
  4. The company collaborates with global organizations and the public sector to drive sustainable agriculture.
  5. Regrow Ag has received notable recognition for its contributions to agriculture resilience.

Seven Years of Impactful Innovation

Regrow Ag, a leader in climate-smart agriculture, marks its seventh anniversary, reflecting on a journey dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of agriculture while enhancing industry resilience. The company’s Agriculture Resilience Platform has empowered companies within the agriculture supply chain to meet their net-zero goals through effective greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement, impact reporting, and program implementation.

Agriculture Resilience Platform: A Game Changer

Regrow’s platform supports farmers by incentivizing climate-positive practices, which reduce GHG emissions and enhance crop resilience, yield, and soil health. These practices have led to the reduction of over 598K metric tonnes of CO₂e. Regrow monitors a vast expanse of agricultural land, covering 1.3 billion acres across four continents.

Strategic Partnerships and Industry Recognition

Regrow collaborates with major global organizations like General Mills, Oatly, Kellanova, Nutrien, Cargill, BASF, and others, assisting them in reducing scope 3 emissions and achieving climate goals. The public sector also leverages Regrow’s data and expertise to develop agriculture-focused climate policies.

Heather Tansey from Cargill emphasized the importance of resilience in agrifood supply chains and highlighted the ease and transparency of partnering with Regrow. Konstantin Kretschun of BASF noted the choice of Regrow for its science-based, scalable technology, aligning with BASF’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions in farming.

Accolades and Growth

Regrow Ag’s significant contributions have earned it prestigious accolades, including being named a TIME 100 Most Influential Company in 2023 and ranking No. 41 on Fast Company’s list of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. The company’s CEO was also recognized on the TIME100 Next 2023 list.

In 2023, Regrow expanded its team by 42%, welcoming industry-leading executives and hosting its first Agriculture Resilience Summit in Chicago, fostering cross-industry collaboration.

CEO’s Vision for the Future

Dr. Anastasia Volkova, CEO and co-founder of Regrow, reflects on the past seven years as a period of building a solid foundation. She expresses optimism for the future, envisioning a shift from piloting to scaling sustainable agriculture practices.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash 

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