milkrite | InterPuls and BASF's revolutionary use of Ultrason® P 3010 in milk meter sensors are enhancing dairy technology.
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Revolutionizing Dairy Technology

The dairy industry plays a crucial role in providing a significant portion of the world’s food supply, and advancements in dairy technology continue to improve efficiency and milk quality. One such revolutionary step in this direction comes from the collaboration between Milkrite | InterPuls, a world-leading dairy equipment company, and BASF, a leading chemical company. Together, they have introduced Ultrason® P 3010, a high-performance thermoplastic, into the manufacturing process of milk meter sensor housings. This innovation has significantly enhanced the durability and performance of these essential dairy components, revolutionizing the milking process for cows, sheep, and goats.

Milk meter sensors are critical components used in dairy farms to measure and control the volume and quality of milk during the milking process. Traditionally, these sensors faced challenges related to durability and resistance to the harsh farm environment and repeated cleaning procedures. However, with the introduction of Ultrason® P 3010, a BASF polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) grade, these issues have been effectively addressed.

The exceptional toughness and chemical resistance of Ultrason® P 3010 has made it a perfect fit for the sensor housings. The material can withstand the rough conditions on farms, including kicks by cows and exposure to farm dung while maintaining its structural integrity. Additionally, the material’s high resistance to stress cracking ensures that the milk meters retain their transparency and mechanical strength even after prolonged use.

One of the unique advantages of Ultrason® P 3010 is its transparency. Farmers can now easily observe the milk flowing through the metering device, allowing them to visually inspect its appearance and quality. This transparency ensures a smoother milking process and contributes to the overall efficiency of the dairy operation. Moreover, Ultrason® P 3010 meets strict food contact approval standards set by Milkrite | InterPuls. This means that it is entirely safe for use in dairy applications, ensuring that the milk remains uncontaminated and fit for consumption.

The introduction of Ultrason® P 3010 has significantly improved the performance and reliability of milk meters. The medium-viscosity grade of Ultrason® P 3010 allows for a compact and smooth design, ensuring stable vacuum levels and foam-free milk flow. These factors are essential in maintaining accuracy during milk measurement and enhancing the overall milking process.

Milk meters like iMilk600, iMilkNano, and ACRsmart MMV, which utilize Ultrason® P 3010 housings, have become the heart of the demanding milking process. Their accurate milk quality control ensures that dairy farmers can rely on precise measurements to optimize their operations and maintain high milk standards.

Ultrason® P 3010’s versatility goes beyond milk meter sensors. BASF offers further optimized polyarylethersulfones for other demanding components in dairy technology, such as manifolds and buffers. These grades, including Ultrason® P 2010, E 2010, and E 3010, cater to various demands on toughness and chemical performance.

Furthermore, the use of Ultrason® grades extends to the production equipment of dairy foods like cheeses, yogurts, and curds. These components made of Ultrason® demonstrate high wearability and durability, making them ideal for handling dairy products with a high level of butterfat, which might otherwise cause stress cracking in other materials.

BASF’s commitment to creating chemistry for a sustainable future aligns well with the dairy industry’s goal of improving efficiency while reducing environmental impact. The incorporation of Ultrason® P 3010 in milk meter sensor housings enhances the longevity of these components, reducing waste and promoting sustainable dairy practices.

The partnership between Milkrite | InterPuls and BASF has ushered in a new era of dairy technology. The integration of Ultrason® P 3010 into milk meter sensor housings has vastly improved their durability, transparency, and resistance to harsh conditions. Dairy farmers can now rely on accurate milk quality control and efficient milking processes, ultimately contributing to a sustainable and prosperous dairy industry. As technology continues to evolve, collaborations like this will pave the way for a more efficient and responsible agricultural future.

Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash 

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