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RLF AgTech Partners with Carbon West for Pilot Program

RLF AgTech Ltd has announced that it has appointed Carbon West Pty Ltd to help establish and manage the compliance of the company’s soil carbon farming pilot program. The 5,000-ha pilot program consists of commercial farming locations where RLF AgTech is in discussions with farm owners to enter into agreements for the registration of Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) carbon projects using RLF AgTech’s Accumulating Carbon in Soil System (ACSS), which is supported by the filing of the provisional patent ‘A Methodology for Accumulating Carbon in Soils.’ In addition, carbon West will work to register the pilot program with the Clean Energy Regulator Emission Reduction Fund, allowing the program to earn Australian Carbon Credit Units. Carbon West is a carbon farming advisory business specializing in ERF soil carbon projects, making it an ideal partner for RLF AgTech’s pilot program.

The ACSS technology is expected to increase the sequestration of CO2 into the soil, providing farmers with additional sources of income through these actions. The potential for opportunities within other international carbon markets may also exist from the results of RLF AgTech’s ACSS in Australia. RLF AgTech’s ACSS and plant nutrition products can potentially integrate with most worldwide current farming practices while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers by around 20%, delivering yield increases of 10%-30%, and actively promoting carbon sequestration in the soil.

This partnership comes at a critical time for the Australian agricultural industry. The European Union is set to introduce a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism that will tax imports from countries without a carbon price. With approximately 70% of Australia’s agricultural products being exported, there is a pressing need to demonstrate lower levels of carbon production to avoid tariffs and taxes. RLF AgTech’s ACSS technology could present an opportunity for farmers to increase their farm incomes and take positive action against carbon emissions on a global scale. In addition, RLF Carbon is poised to help Australian grain farmers address the interwoven relationship between applying nitrogen-based fertilizers, on-farm emissions, and carbon sequestration, which could prove valuable in the fight against climate change.

Image provided by RLF AgTech

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