9th August 2022
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Sativus Tech Successfully Produces Premium Saffron

Saffron Tech
  • Preliminary results of Sativus Tech’s recent research findings show that it has successfully produced high-quality saffron in its indoor vertical farms.
  • The preliminary results prove Sativus Tech protocol allows 4 cycles of saffron harvests a year.
  • Sativus Tech now is advancing its investor relations as it is positioned to scale its business activity globally.

Sativus Tech Corp (OTC: SATT) announced in a recent press release, that the results of an evaluation conducted by an independent lab concluded that the saffron produced in this growth cycle shows, in most categories, the highest quality with other traits close to optimum. In addition, preliminary results from the latest lab results show that saffron can be harvested in a 3-month growth cycle which indicates that there is a strong chance that Saffron Tech will be able to successfully complete 4 cycles per year. Traditional agriculture is only able to produce one production cycle annually through a labor-intensive harvest process using manual labor and is dependent on capricious climate conditions.

The groundbreaking developments allow the company to advance its business plan by expanding production facilities worldwide. Sativus Tech has initiated new crowdfunding to raise capital as it seeks to create a high-tech facility that uses robotics and automation to foster the various stages of the growing and breeding process.

“This is an exciting milestone that shows that Sativus Tech is progressing as planned on all fronts,” says Tal Wilk Glazer, CEO of Sativus Tech. “We are now in an excellent position to grow our business. As we enter this next phase, we will focus on completing investments that can allow us to set up the first large-scale indoor vertical saffron farm.”

The comprehensive analysis of this growth cycle will be available before its next growth cycle starting in September of 2022.

Saffron market growth has been hindered due to low annual production yield and a complicated supply chain. Sativus Tech seeks to produce a reliable supply of saffron to expand the market in multiple sectors including retail, pharmaceutical, culinary, beauty and wellness.

Sativus Tech has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital that will allow the company to expand into retail markets by creating facilities worldwide that will be able to supply saffron to a variety of businesses.

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