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Save Foods and Sun Pacific’s Sustainable Journey

Save Foods extends its sustainable agriculture impact with Sun Pacific, enhancing shelf life for the Cuties® brand.
Key Takeaways
  1. Extended Partnership: Sun Pacific will use Save Foods’ solutions on its Cuties® brand for the third consecutive season, reflecting continued confidence in Save Foods’ technology.
  2. Impact on Produce Shelf Life: Save Foods’ solutions have proven effective in extending the shelf life of produce, as evidenced by the increased shelf life of Persian limes and the resulting increase in purchases by a major U.S. retailer.
  3. Sustainability Focus: Both Save Foods and Sun Pacific emphasize sustainable practices. Save Foods’ solutions reduce pesticide use and tackle N2O emissions, while Sun Pacific prioritizes environmentally conscious growing practices.
  4. Diverse Operational Arms of Save Foods: The company operates through three subsidiaries – Save Foods Ltd., Nitrousink Ltd., and Plantify Foods Inc. – focusing on different aspects of agricultural sustainability and food technology.
  5. Industry Impact: Save Foods’ partnerships with leading growers and packers like Sun Pacific and SiCarFarms demonstrate the growing industry acceptance and demand for sustainable, clean-label food solutions.

Save Foods, Inc., a pioneering agri-food tech company, is making significant strides in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the agricultural sector. Their recent announcement about Sun Pacific applying Save Foods’ solutions to the Cuties® brand for a third consecutive season marks a milestone in the industry. This collaboration not only underscores Sun Pacific’s trust in Save Foods but also highlights the effectiveness of its solutions in improving food quality and shelf life.

Sun Pacific, a prominent grower, packer, and marketer in the U.S., has long been a leader in the industry, particularly with its iconic Cuties® brand. Their decision to continue using Save Foods’ solutions for their clementines and mandarins is a testament to the positive impact these solutions have had in previous seasons. With about 200,000 tons of fruit processed using Save Foods’ technology, it clearly indicates its scalability and effectiveness.

Dan Sztybel, CEO of Save Foods Ltd., expressed pride in the continued partnership, noting that adopting their solutions by leading industry players like Sun Pacific and SiCarFarms signifies a shift towards higher-quality produce. The enhanced shelf life of Persian limes and the subsequent increase in retailer purchases further demonstrate the tangible benefits of their technology.

Save Foods operates through three subsidiaries – Save Foods Ltd., Nitrousink Ltd., and Plantify Foods Inc.- each focusing on a unique food safety and sustainability aspect. From post-harvest treatments that reduce pathogen contamination and hazardous chemicals to pioneering solutions in mitigating nitrous oxide emissions, the company is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture. Plantify Foods Inc., in particular, caters to the growing demand for healthy, clean-label food options.

Meanwhile, Sun Pacific has been committed to sustainable growing practices for decades. Their focus on environmental consciousness and operational excellence resonates with Save Foods’ goals of creating a synergistic partnership that benefits both the environment and consumers.

This ongoing collaboration between Save Foods and Sun Pacific is more than a business partnership; it’s a step towards a more sustainable future in the agri-food industry. With such initiatives, both companies are setting new standards in the market, emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility and the role of innovative technology in achieving it.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash 

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