Skytree launches Skytree Cumulus, a Direct Air Capture unit that provides Controlled Environment Agriculture businesses with sustainable CO2.
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Skytree Cumulus: Revolutionizing CO2 Capture

Amsterdam-based climate tech company Skytree, known for its pioneering efforts in addressing climate change, has unveiled Skytree Cumulus, their groundbreaking Direct Air Capture (DAC) modular unit. Designed for vertical farms, greenhouses, and other Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) enterprises, the unit captures CO2 directly from the ambient air. It is a valuable resource for indoor farming, algae production, vaccine development, and flower cultivation.

Set to ship its first units in early 2024, the Skytree Cumulus emerges as a beacon of carbon capture and reutilization innovation. Rob van Straten, Skytree’s CEO, expresses his excitement, saying, “By generating CO2 onsite at farms and greenhouses, we’re propelling CEA businesses towards a greener future, freeing them from reliance on the fossil fuel industry for CO2 supply.”

This proprietary technology captures carbon dioxide from the surrounding air and filters it using a patented method. The end product is stored in pressurized buffer tanks, making it readily available to any establishment that requires concentrated CO2 regularly. With each unit capable of producing up to 10 kg of CO2 within 24 hours, businesses can enjoy an uninterrupted supply while sidestepping the hurdles of procurement and transportation. Those with more significant needs can link multiple units.

Van Straten emphasizes sustainability by highlighting the environmental cost of CO2 sourced from fossil fuels: “The process contributes up to 50% in harmful emissions. Capturing one ton of CO2 at an oil refinery results in 1.5 tons of emissions re-entering our atmosphere.” The Skytree Cumulus offers an alternative that eliminates hidden environmental costs and logistical challenges.

In tandem with the Cumulus launch, Skytree is introducing its Pioneer Program. This initiative allows early adopters to experience the Cumulus’ transformative DAC technology at discounted rates. Enrolled participants will also be prioritized when shipments commence.

Skytree isn’t stopping with the Cumulus. Plans for a more sizable DAC unit are already in the pipeline, capable of delivering up to 400 kg of CO2 daily. Slated for release in late 2024, this unit aims to serve more prominent industries, moving them away from fossil fuel-derived carbon dioxide.

Established in 2014 in Amsterdam, Skytree’s mission has been to revolutionize CO2 utilization by harnessing it directly from ambient air. Their DAC technology is a testament to a shift from traditional fossil fuel-dependent processes, ensuring CO2 is available immediately.

The company’s origins trace back to the European Space Agency (ESA), where an evaluation of over 50 sorbents for a CO2 scrubber led to the birth of this initiative. Skytree founder Max Beaumont, was part of this visionary team. With ten years of R&D and 17 registered patents spanning the US, Europe, and China, Skytree is ready to redefine CO2 usage across various industries.

Image provided by Skytree

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