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Sprung Structures’ New Alliance Aims to Combat Food Insecurity

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Key Takeaways

  1. Sprung Structures and ZipGrow ally to address food security with their combined technologies.
  2. The patented hydroponic farming system by ZipGrow yields five to six times more produce than traditional methods.
  3. Sprung Structures’ greenhouses can be rapidly deployed, often within eight weeks, and are weather-resistant.
  4. The alliance targets remote areas and regions vulnerable to supply-chain disruptions.
  5. The technology has applications in dining halls, educational facilities, hotels, food banks, and even urban rooftop gardens.

Sprung Structures, a rapid-construction manufacturer of weather-resistant greenhouses, has partnered with ZipGrow, an agtech company specializing in hydroponic farming systems. Their alliance aims to offer a unique solution to food security challenges, particularly in remote areas and regions susceptible to supply-chain disruptions.

A Revolutionary Approach to Food Production

The collaboration between Sprung Structures and ZipGrow combines vertical hydroponics growing towers in a naturally lit environment capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Leafy greens, lettuce, bok choy, and herbs like basil and chives can be grown vertically in patented towers, allowing for a year-round growing season.

The Technology Behind the Alliance

Sprung Structures is known for its tensioned-membrane technology, which creates an ideal, controlled environment that is both airtight and watertight. On the other hand, ZipGrow’s hydroponic towers enable crops to be grown vertically in relatively small spaces, yielding five to six times more produce compared to traditional horizontal growing methods in greenhouses.

Rapid Deployment and Reliability

One of the standout features of this alliance is the rapid deployment capability of Sprung’s greenhouses, which can often be set up in as little as eight weeks. This quick turnaround ensures that communities, businesses, and organizations can achieve self-sufficiency and improved food security in a short period.

Broad Applications and Future Potential

The technology has many applications, including dining halls, educational facilities, hotels, and food banks. It even opens up the possibility of rooftop hydroponic gardens in urban settings, providing locally sourced, fresh produce at the heart of cities.

About Sprung Structures and ZipGrow

Sprung Structures, a division of the Sprung group of companies established in 1887, has pioneered rapid-construction manufacturing. ZipGrow Inc., headquartered in Ontario, Canada, has been a global leader in indoor vertical farming technology since its inception in 2016.

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