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Robertet Partners with Interstellar Lab to Innovate Plant-Based Natural Ingredients Production

Robertet Partners with Interstellar Lab to Innovate Plant-Based Natural Ingredients Production. Indoor Farming; Vertical Farming; AgriTech; Agriculture Tehcnology

Key Takeaways

  1. Robertet acquired its first BioPod from biotech startup Interstellar Lab to advance agronomic research.
  2. The BioPod is an AI-controlled biofarm that optimizes plant growth and molecular composition.
  3. This partnership aims to revolutionize the industries of fragrance, flavors, and well-being.
  4. The BioPod uses cutting-edge technologies to maintain ideal conditions for plant growth while minimizing environmental impact.
  5. Interstellar Lab has strategic partnerships with NASA and ESA for plant cultivation and research in microgravity.

Robertet, a global leader in natural raw materials, has announced a strategic partnership with Interstellar Lab, a biotech startup specializing in biofarming. The collaboration involves the acquisition of a BioPod, an AI-controlled biofarm developed by Interstellar Lab. This move is part of Robertet’s ongoing strategy to innovate in the natural ingredients sector.

A Leap in Agronomic Research

The BioPod will serve as a sustainable cultivation tool that addresses sourcing challenges and environmental impact in producing natural ingredients. This initiative aims to further agronomic research in fragrance, flavors, and well-being industries. Jerome Bruhat, CEO of Robertet, stated that BioPod’s arrival in Grasse is a significant step in using cutting-edge technologies to offer sustainable natural products to their customers.

The BioPod: A Game-Changer

The BioPod is an 11m long, 5m wide, and 6m high deployable greenhouse offering up to 100 m^2 of highly-controlled growing space. Originally developed for NASA, this autonomous cocoon operates in a semi-closed circuit, optimizing the water cycle and capturing ambient CO2. Its transparent membrane captures sunlight, reducing the energy consumption of artificial light. Equipped with sensors and its artificial intelligence, the BioPod can autonomously recreate climates, enabling the sustainable and replicable production of high-value-added plants and natural ingredients.

A Sustainable Approach

The BioPod’s technology significantly reduces the cultivation surface, water, and energy consumption, aligning with Robertet’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. Julien Maubert, Director of the Raw Materials Division and in charge of the Interstellar project, expressed excitement about accelerating research in aromatic plant agronomy through the BioPod.

Interstellar Lab: A Visionary Partner

Interstellar Lab, founded in 2018, specializes in bio-technologies that optimize plant cultivation and molecular composition on Earth and in space. The company has developed strategic partnerships with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) and is backed by institutional investors, including BPI and France 2030.

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