Syngenta Launches New Agriculture Accelerator

Syngenta new agriculture accelerator program

On March 14th, 2023, Syngenta Group announced the launch of “Shoots by Syngenta,” a global platform that aims to tackle agriculture’s most complex challenges, increase innovation, and advance sustainable agriculture. The platform will begin with science-based innovation challenges, connecting scientific discovery and creativity, bringing together academics, research institutes, startups, and cross-industry sectors to collaborate with Syngenta’s global network of 5,000+ scientists. Working together will create more sustainable and efficient solutions for farmers, consumers, and the planet.

Innovation through collaboration plays an increasingly vital role in providing solutions for farmers dealing with growing threats from pests, disease, and extreme weather conditions. Syngenta recognizes this and will spotlight specific innovation needs across the Syngenta Crop Protection and Seeds businesses. In addition, the company will post science-based innovation challenges on the website, enabling anyone with a scientific interest to submit proposals in response to the challenges or other areas of focus. Proposals will be quickly evaluated, and if there is a mutual fit, they will progress to a collaborative partnership to take forward the research or technology that might eventually be licensed.

Furthermore, “Shoots by Syngenta” will include a startup accelerator, providing a supportive ecosystem for early-stage companies developing new agricultural technologies. Cohorts of startups will enter a program connecting them with mentors, resources, and funding to accelerate their growth and impact. Participants can pilot their technology at Syngenta’s Farm of the Future and select grower farms globally, receive mentorship and access to industry experts and present and test their ideas with relevant business leaders and investors. One-on-one mentoring by Syngenta business leaders will be customized based on each team’s specific requirements.

As the world population grows, the demand for food will increase exponentially. Over the last 70 years, agricultural innovation has made it possible to feed 5 billion more people on almost the same land. However, by 2050, 2+ billion more people consuming 50% more food will require a faster innovation pathway for practical and scalable technologies. Syngenta Group believes that helping growers sustainably feed a rapidly growing human population requires a strong collaboration focus across agriculture and industries. Therefore, “Shoots by Syngenta” aims to create an ecosystem that drives innovation and collaboration in the agricultural industry, creating a more sustainable and efficient future for farmers, consumers, and the planet.

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