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Syngenta’s Agcelerators Campaign

Syngenta's Agcelerators campaign aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices through multi-media storytelling.

The agriculture sector is at a pivotal crossroads as the world confronts the challenge of feeding an estimated 10 billion people by 2050. Syngenta, a global leader in sustainable agricultural solutions, has launched a robust multi-media campaign called Agcelerators to speed up adopting and creating more eco-friendly agricultural practices. Aimed initially at Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, the campaign aims to catalyze change.

The World Resources Institute’s 2019 World Resources Report identifies three critical gaps that need to be closed to achieve a sustainable food future:
  • A 56% “food gap” between food produced in 2010 and that needed in 2050
  • A nearly 600 million-hectare “land gap” requiring new agricultural land
  • An 11-gigaton “greenhouse gas mitigation gap” to comply with the Paris Agreement goals

In light of these challenges, Agcelerators endeavors to become a driving force behind the transformation of agriculture.

“Agcelerators are champions in the agricultural sector,” says Alexandra Brand, Regional Director, Syngenta Crop Protection, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. “They are embracing new ideas, establishing partnerships, and paving the way for sustainable farming practices with a lasting impact.”

The campaign showcases stories, technologies, and pioneering approaches that will help redefine agriculture’s future. By presenting these narratives across traditional and social media platforms, Agcelerators seeks to humanize the technological and ecological advancements in farming.

One of the distinguishing features of the Agcelerators campaign is its focus on community engagement. According to Robert Renwick, Head of Business Sustainability at Syngenta Crop Protection, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, “Our vision for Agcelerators is to create a movement that unites stakeholders, amplifies impact, and ultimately drives the adoption of sustainable farming practices.” By fostering a sense of community among farmers, policymakers, consumers, and other stakeholders, the campaign aims to produce more meaningful, long-term change. Agcelerators will spotlight advancements like data analytics, diagnostics, and biological solutions, making agriculture more innovative and efficient. These technologies bolster crop yield and quality and minimize the sector’s environmental footprint.

Syngenta Crop Protection, a leader in agricultural innovation, offers a broad portfolio of solutions to advance sustainable agriculture in over 90 countries. The Agcelerators initiative is not merely a marketing campaign; it’s a call to action. Syngenta hopes to inspire a global movement committed to making agriculture more sustainable, efficient, and equitable by spotlighting real stories of change and innovation. As the world races against time to secure a sustainable future, Syngenta’s Agcelerators campaign is a compelling beacon guiding us toward more responsible farming and food production practices. The initiative showcases the people and technologies transforming agriculture and demonstrates the impact of working collectively towards a common goal.

Image provided by Syngenta

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