Texas Agriculture Relief Fund (STAR) Aids Farmers and Ranchers Affected by Wildfires

Texas Agriculture Relief Fund (STAR) Aids Farmers and Ranchers Affected by Wildfires

The State of Texas Agriculture Relief (STAR) Fund is now open to aid Texas farmers and ranchers affected by the recent wildfires, a critical issue that has consumed at least 8,500 acres of land since August 1. This announcement was made by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, marking a significant step in supporting the agricultural community during a challenging wildfire season.

Texas Governor Declares State of Disaster

Governor Greg Abbott‘s declaration of a disaster in 191 Texas counties paved the way for releasing vital resources to assist those impacted by the wildfires. Rural communities, often the most brutal hit during wildfire seasons, are the primary focus of this relief effort. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has committed to standing by these communities, offering assistance in whatever way necessary.

STAR Fund: A Helping Hand, Not a Handout

The STAR Fund will reimburse qualified agricultural producers for 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $4,000. While not intended to compensate for crop or livestock losses, the funds will be used to rebuild fences, restore operations, and cover other agricultural disaster relief costs.

Eligibility for the STAR Fund requires that the agricultural business, operation, ranch, or farm be located in a county included in the Texas Governor’s disaster declaration. The full list of wildfire disaster declaration counties can be found on the TDA website.

Applicants have a 90-day window from the date of the Governor’s proclamation to apply. Verification of the damage through pictures, photos, certifications, or other documentation, is required before the disbursement of funds.

“This is not a handout, rather it’s a helping hand,” stated Miller, encouraging those affected to utilize these funds.

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash 

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