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The 4th Global Vertical Farming Show Dubai

As the world faces ever-increasing challenges related to climate change, food security, and urbanization, the need for innovative and sustainable agricultural practices has become more pressing than ever. In this context, vertical farming has emerged as a trailblazing solution that holds the potential to revolutionize food production and supply chains. With just one month left for the Middle East’s most exclusive and anticipated event in this field – the 4th Global Vertical Farming Show Dubai, the excitement among organizers and participants is palpable.

The event, organized by the TAB group, is set to take place on the 13th and 14th of September, 2023, at the prestigious Movenpick Grand Al Bustan Dubai. It promises to be a gathering of all the significant players in the vertical farming industry, including farm owners, technology and solution providers, policymakers, key associations, investors, and other relevant stakeholders.

Under the Patronage of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment UAE, the 4th Global Vertical Farming Show Dubai enjoys tremendous support from various esteemed organizations. These include the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), Dubai Municipality, Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment Development (AAAID), Emirates Development Bank, Food Tech Valley, Emirates Green Building Council, Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park, Emirates Environmental Group, Sharjah Sustainable City, Nitaj (Oman Food Investment Holdings), Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, World Green Economy Organization, Swiss Business Council, British Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi, British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates, among others.

Furthermore, the show has attracted Innovation and Retail Chain Partners like Bustanica, Uns Farms, CRYSP Farms, Pure Harvest Smart Farms, Jones Food Company, Smart Acres, Green Fields LLC, Maryannes Fresh Produce, Aranya Farms, AeroFarms, Themar al Emarat, Farm Fresh Harvest, Elite Agro, Lulu Hypermarket, Union Co-op, Barakat, Fresh On Table, IKEA, and Fit Fresh, among many others.

The Project Manager of GVF, Mohhamad Talha Sarwar, expressed his enthusiasm about the growing list of esteemed companies and industry professionals participating in the event. Their expertise and contributions in the vertical farming sector are highly valued, and their presence is expected to enrich the event experience for all attendees. The Global Vertical Farming Show aims to provide an ideal platform for networking, fostering new partnerships, and gaining valuable insights into emerging trends in the industry.

With the Middle East witnessing significant growth in the vertical farming sector, the timing and location of the event are particularly strategic. According to recent reports, over 35,000 farms exist in the region, with the UAE leading the way with more than 1,000 fully functional vertical farms.

By hosting the 4th Global Vertical Farming Show in the region, new prospects are expected to open up for companies seeking to expand their operations in this area. The Middle East offers a fertile ground for vertical farming initiatives, with its arid climate and limited arable land. Vertical farming’s controlled environment and resource-efficient methods make it an attractive option to ensure a sustainable and steady supply of fresh produce.

The exhibition aims to create a seamless experience for all participants, fostering connections, engagement, and growth opportunities across the Middle East. The presence of industry peers, policymakers, and investors is seen as a crucial factor in ensuring the event’s success and impact.

The 4th Global Vertical Farming Show Dubai is poised to be a significant milestone in the region’s agricultural landscape. By bringing together key stakeholders, the event will catalyze the adoption of sustainable and innovative farming practices in the Middle East. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, vertical farming emerges as a beacon of hope, promising a greener, healthier, and more resilient food system for generations to come.

Photo by ZQ Lee on Unsplash 

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