1st July 2022

The Global Vertical Farming Show

Global Vertical Farming Show

With the remarkable success and responsiveness of our first Global Vertical Farming Expo–GVF2021 (Virtual Connect) last year, we present you its successor, a more dynamic and trailblazing of its kind—-2nd Global Vertical Farming Show–GVF2022 27th|28th July 2022–Now in Conrad, Dubai!

We picked Dubai as the GVF2022 destination due to its geographic significance in the Middle East. Dubai, one of the UAE’s six emirates, has historically relied on food imports and has placed an emphasis on food security in recent years.

The UAE has developed a National Food Security Strategy with the goal of making the country the best in the world in terms of food security by 2051—including vertical farming as a possible alternative.

The entire Middle East is equipped with every possible invention required to scale up this new innovative vertical farming industry—which will aid international companies in finding the right channel partner and establishing long term commercial relationships.

Aside from establishing right channel partners, there are several prospects for commercial and long-term networking platforms.

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