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The Role of Vertical Farming in Finland

Netled Vera®

A panel discussion on the role of vertical farming in the Finnish context was held at SuomiAreena, Finland’s largest social festival, in Pori, July 2022. Topics include: How does vertical farming fit into the food production chain now and in the future? What can we actually grow on a vertical farm and what might be possible? What is the environmental impact of vertical farming compared to traditional indoor agriculture? What does vertical farming look like from a business perspective and what are the challenges? The panel consists of Niko Kivioja, Netled CEO; Hannu Kottonen, professional board member and veteran of the grocery industry; and Titta Kotilainen, Senior Scientist at Natural Resources Institute Finland. The discussion is hosted by Lauri Reuter, founder, and partner at Nordic Foodtech VC. The discussion is in Finnish with English subtitles.

At the end of 2021, Netled signed a deal to deliver one of its Vera® vertical farming systems to Global Point, a multi-brand group based in Poland. Construction, testing and commissioning of the Vera® vertical farming system is now complete and Global Point is ready to begin cultivation. The Global Point Company was originally founded in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2012 as a producer of interior design products. It is the leader in decorative effects in the Polish market with 100 points of sale. Global Point is now expanding its portfolio to include fresh food production under the guidance of its owners who have previously developed food companies in Poland.

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