This Week’s Marketing Spotlight: 80 Acres Farms Strawberry Launch

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In partnership with Socialike, a Social Media marketing agency specializing in natural and organic CPG space, we will spotlight one company involved in the indoor farming space and highlight their marketing efforts in moving the industry forward. This week will be on 80 Acres Farms.

Last week 80 Acres Farms announced their recent new product launch —> strawberries.

We love indoor farms getting into the berry space and how 80 Acres announced their launch.

It started with excellent teaser content; a halloween cocktail with strawberries and a picture of a bee on a strawberry plant. These two posts didn’t announce that they were launching a new strawberry product but hinted at it in an engaging fashion.

Then came the educational component of their teaser content: a post about pesticides on strawberries with an easy-to-digest explanation. I have heard for some time that strawberries have more pesticides than most other fruit.  But thanks to the 80 Acres explanation, I now know why:

Most 🍓’s are covered with pesticide residue. It’s hard to keep bugs away from sweet, ripe berries that grow close to the ground, which is why they’re among the most polluted crops in the produce section (which is why they consistently top the EWG’s Dirty Dozen List each year). These ones aren’t like “most” 🍓’s

The official launch day on social was October 27th, with a bright, perfect Instagram image.

From what we can gather on social 80 Acres seems to have launched with one specific retailer, Dorothy Lanes, in Dayton, Ohio. From a social media standpoint, we love the first retailer to be a retail location active on social media with a relatively significant online presence.

You can think of Dorthy Lane as the best type of influencer there is. They have an engaged social media following, and they move products off retail shelves because, you know, they are a retailer 🙂

Besides the big news of their strawberry launch, they are also moving to paperboard packaging, which, besides being great for the environment, is a massive win with their fans. The post about the paperboard packaging was their second most popular post, followed up only by their official announcement of their strawberries!

Excited to see with what they come up with next.

This post was written by Isaac Brody. Isaac Brody is the President and Founder of Socialike, a Social Media marketing agency specializing in natural and organic CPG space.

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