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TotalEnergies Acquires Stake in Ductor to Boost Biogas Production

TotalEnergies Acquires Stake in Ductor to Boost Biogas Production

TotalEnergies (Paris: TTE) (LSE: TTE) (NYSE: TTE) has announced a 20% stake acquisition in Finnish start-up, Ductor. The firm’s revolutionary technology processes high-nitrogen organic waste, including poultry manure, into biomethane, a task traditionally challenging for the biogas industry.

Ductor’s innovation expands the possibilities of biogas production inputs, furthering development in the biogas value chain and consequently advancing the energy transition. Moreover, this breakthrough will equip TotalEnergies with fresh opportunities to penetrate new markets.

TotalEnergies is also partnering with Ductor in several biomethane production projects, primarily across the United States and Europe. Ductor has already identified between fifteen and twenty potential projects, with some progressing toward advanced stages. In addition, the companies plan to kickstart their collaboration with a facility in Ohio, USA. TotalEnergies will be responsible for marketing the biomethane production, while Ductor will handle the distribution of sustainable biofertilizers.

Olivier Guerrini, Vice President, Biogas at TotalEnergies, expressed his satisfaction with the new partnership. “We are pleased to partner with Ductor, a start-up with an innovative pre-treatment technology that will enable us to develop new biomethane production projects, using organic waste that is currently not, or only slightly, reused.” Guerrini added, “By accelerating the biogas chain, this technology contributes directly to the energy transition and to TotalEnergies’ ambition of producing 20 TWh of biogas worldwide by 2030.”

Bernard Fenner, Ductor’s Chief Executive Officer, also commented on the partnership, emphasizing its potential to fast-track project development. In addition, Fenner highlighted the crucial role of Ductor’s technology in responding to the global demand for local energy production, food security, and climate change mitigation. The CEO also predicted a significant surge in organic fertilizer and biogas markets in the coming years.

By uniting the innovative capacities of Ductor and TotalEnergies’ expansive reach, this collaboration holds promising prospects for expanding biomethane production, potentially propelling the world toward a sustainable energy future.

Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash 

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