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Trace Genomics & EarthOptics Unveil Advanced Carbon Measurement Technology for Agriculture

Trace Genomics & EarthOptics Unveil Advanced Carbon Measurement Technology for Agriculture. AgTech; AgriTech; Agriculture

Key Takeaways:

  • Technological Breakthrough: Trace Genomics and EarthOptics collaborate to introduce a new standard in soil carbon measurement accuracy.
  • Innovative Product: The C-Mapper tool combines DNA-based soil intelligence with advanced sensor data for precise carbon mapping.
  • Sustainable Farming Support: This technology aims to aid farmers and ranchers in enhancing soil carbon sequestration.
  • Comprehensive Soil Analysis: Trace Genomics offers a full soil diagnostic platform with a high-accuracy soil carbon evaluation pipeline.
  • Future Prospects: The partnership is set to expand into soil microbial intelligence, offering even more detailed soil insights.

Trace Genomics, a leader in DNA-based soil intelligence, and EarthOptics, a trailblazer in soil mapping technology, have entered into a multi-year agreement to elevate the precision of carbon measurement in agriculture. This collaboration is set to transform how farmers and ranchers assess and manage soil carbon levels.

The C-Mapper: A Leap in Carbon Mapping

The partnership has given rise to the C-Mapper, a product from EarthOptics that integrates Trace Genomics’ TraceCARBON data with GroundOwl Sensor data. This integration is poised to redefine carbon measurement and mapping on the EarthOptics SoilMapper™ platform, offering research-grade accuracy to the agricultural community.

Enhancing Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture

Lars Dyrud, CEO of EarthOptics, emphasizes the growing importance of accurately quantifying and verifying soil carbon storage. The collaboration combines EarthOptics’ soil carbon measurement capabilities with the detailed TraceCARBON data from Trace Genomics, setting a new benchmark for accuracy in the field.

Trace Genomics’ Comprehensive Soil Diagnostic Platform

Trace Genomics has developed an unparalleled soil diagnostic platform that leverages soil science, machine learning, and genomic sequencing technologies. This platform delivers targeted insights and actions for sustainable farming solutions, including an advanced soil carbon evaluation pipeline that measures various carbon and soil density metrics.

EarthOptics’ Vision for Soil Health

EarthOptics is committed to providing revolutionary insights into soil health, with a focus on the physical characteristics of soil. Their technology has been recognized for innovation, winning the AGCO Innovation Challenge Award at the 2021 World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit.

Photo by Bruno Brikmanis-Jurjans on Unsplash 

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