UK Gov To Provide Visas For Horticulture Seasonal Workers

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Businesses will have access to a total of 45,000 seasonal worker permits in the upcoming year. Businesses will be able to hire foreign workers under the Seasonal Worker visa route for up to six months in the UK thanks to the allocation. Compared to what was accessible to businesses at the beginning of 2022, this represents an increase of 15,000 dollars. A new team will seek to ensure sponsors are upholding workers’ rights by enhancing compliance inspectors’ training and procedures and developing clear guidelines and regulations for operators who may be exploiting employees.

The UK government just announced that 45,000 visas for seasonal workers will be available for businesses next year, the Government announced providing what it calls a boost for the UK’s horticulture industry. The allotment represents a 15,000 increase over what was available to companies at the beginning of 2022 and will allow employers to bring in foreign employees for up to six months under the Seasonal Worker visa route. Depending on how sponsors and farmers improve and adhere to rules for worker welfare, including making sure workers are guaranteed a minimum amount of paid hours each week, this number might rise by another 10,000 if required.

Farming Minister Mark Spencer said: “Seasonal labour has long been part of the UK’s rural economy, and while it is right that we offer long-term support to increase the use of domestic labour, we also need to support businesses on the back of what has been a challenging year for food producers. That’s why we’ve listened to the UK’s horticulture sector, and today’s announcement will provide our growers with the labor they need to bring in the harvest and continue to put their produce on our tables.”

The government will appoint additional scheme operators in addition to increasing the number of visas that are available in order to improve the efficiency of the visa route and protect worker welfare. A new team will strive to improve compliance inspectors’ training and procedures, provide clear regulations and guidelines for strong action for scheme operators when employees are in danger of exploitation, and ensure sponsors are upholding workers’ rights.

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