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UN 2023 Water Conference: Bayer Pledges To Tackle Water Crisis

UN 2023 Water Conference

During the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York, Bayer will introduce its new water strategy, including water in the company’s financial choices, investments, and supplier decisions. The approach intends to improve water consumption per kilogram of the crop by 25% by 2030, increase water productivity in water-scarce regional cropping systems, and minimize the environmental effect of its crop protection portfolio by 30%. Bayer is also creating a strategy to include the quantity and quality of water in operational choices. Bayer is dedicated to providing all employees with access to clean water, good hygiene, and sanitation (WASH) at all of its locations, reducing emissions at all of these locations, and setting strict voluntary discharge limits for active chemicals into wastewater. By 2025, it will establish water goals for its operations pertinent to the context and guarantee that the business sector is appropriately involved in the ongoing water discussion. 

“Despite many connections between water and the climate, the UN 2023 Water Conference is giving the issue more attention. We must use these fresh chances to take the proper, lasting steps immediately. Because of this, we consider water seriously when making business and investment choices along the whole value chain.” With these choices, Bayer’s Director of Sustainability, Safety, Health & Environment Cristina Alonso Alija said the company would support climate resilience and more environmentally friendly water use.

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