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Urban Crop Solutions Launches E-Shop To Support Indoor Farmers

Urban Crop Solutions has recently launched an e-shop to support indoor farming customers better. This new offering allows customers to purchase everything they need for their indoor farming business, from seeds to container parts, conveniently without having to leave their homes or offices.

Pieter-Jan Devos, the Project Manager at Urban Crop Solutions, explains that they identified a need for a straightforward and efficient method for their customers to order everyday items like seeds and substrates. Upon further investigation, they discovered a growing demand for the same simplified approach to ordering spare parts and other supplementary articles. Consequently, they launched their e-shop for customers who use Urban Crop Solutions’ indoor farming installations and those with systems installed by other companies.


One significant advantage of the e-shop is that it is accessible to anyone interested in indoor farming, not just those who own or operate a UCS installation. The e-shop is designed to be simple and user-friendly, allowing customers to find and order the items they need quickly. In addition, the e-shop provides personalized advice from Urban Crop Solutions’ sales and technical team, ensuring customers can select the right things for their operation and needs.

Jean-Pierre Coene, CEO of UCS, emphasizes that they want their service-oriented approach to show in everything they do, including their e-shop. He acknowledges that buying spare parts and supplementary items for a vertical farming operation can differ from buying clothes or other typical consumer goods. Still, he reassures customers that they can liaise with Urban Crop Solutions for assistance. The team checks and verifies all orders, provides customers with a full quotation, including transportation costs, and manages the dispatch and delivery of the items.

The e-shop can be accessed here.

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