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Verde AgriTech Unveils Sustainable Life Cycle Analysis for K Forte

Verde AgriTech highlights the sustainable production and carbon removal potential of K Forte® in its latest Life Cycle Analysis
Key Takeaways
  • Verde AgriTech Ltd’s Life Cycle Analysis indicates a potential for significant carbon dioxide removal through Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW).
  • The net carbon removal potential of K Forte® is 112.56 kg of CO2 equivalent per ton.
  • The company’s production process includes sustainable practices such as 100% renewable energy, negligible water consumption, and zero-tailing dams.
  • Transportation distances significantly impact the overall CO2 footprint, with railway transportation set to decrease emissions further.
  • The company’s ERW carbon capture potential is enhanced due to various factors, including fast dissolution rate and essential macronutrients.

Verde AgriTech Ltd has recently disclosed the results of its inaugural Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), spearheaded by LCA Design Corporation. The study assessed the climate impacts tied to the entire lifecycle of Verde’s potassium fertilizer, K Forte®.

CORCs & Carbon Sequestration

The LCA determined the potential of carbon removal via ERW in terms of Carbon Dioxide Removal Certificates (CORCs), amounting to 112.56 kg of CO2 equivalent for every ton of K Forte®. The carbon offset credits account for the net amount of CO2e removed through rock weathering within a specified timeframe. The formula to calculate the net CO2e removal is CORCs = (CO2 Stored) – (CO2 Supply Chain Footprint).

LCA Results

A cradle-to-gate assessment reveals that greenhouse gas emissions related to K Forte®’s lifecycle are remarkably low, accounting for less than 10% of the total carbon captured by the product. This is attributed to Verde’s sustainable production, including renewable energy, minimal water demand, and lower-impact mining.

Transportation’s Role

Product distribution emissions differ based on the shipping distance from production facilities. Longer shipping distances result in higher diesel consumption, increasing the carbon footprint. Verde is currently transitioning to railway transportation to mitigate this footprint further.

Verde’s Superiority in ERW

Verde stands out in ERW carbon capture projects. Its product dissolves rapidly, is a vital source of plant macronutrients, holds certifications validating its consistency and absence of harmful elements, and undergoes strict particle size control. Such advantages set Verde’s K Forte® apart from other ERW-based carbon capture projects.

About Verde AgriTech

Verde is an agritech entity focusing on potash fertilizer production to enhance global health and environmental well-being. With several proprietary technologies, the company became Brazil’s top potash producer by capacity in 2022. Considering Brazil’s heavy reliance on potash imports, the company is positioned advantageously in the market.

Image provided by Verde AgriTech

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