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Vertical Farming World Awards 2023 Winners Announced

The 2023 Vertical Farming World Awards in London recognized industry pioneers in crop innovation, technology, and sustainability.
Key Takeaways
  1. Global Recognition: The Vertical Farming World Awards 2023, organized by Zenith Global, recognizes excellence in the vertical farming domain at a grand gala in London.
  2. Diverse Categories: The ten award categories covered a spectrum from crop innovation to sustainability initiatives.
  3. Innovation at the Fore: UrbanKisaan’s bred Okra seeds, specifically for vertical hydroponics, lead the crop innovation category.
  4. Sustainability Takes Center Stage: ELLEPOT A/S bagged the Best Sustainability Initiative by reducing 18.4 tons of plastic with its unique system.
  5. Technological Breakthroughs: KETOS’s AI development, KETOS SHIELD, and TTA’s harvest demonstrate the technological advances shaping the future of vertical farming.
Vertical Farming World Awards 2023: A Celebration of Agriculture’s Future

The world of vertical farming has been expanding rapidly, with numerous companies across the globe innovating and pushing boundaries. At the heart of this burgeoning industry, the Vertical Farming World Awards 2023 recently celebrated the most impressive breakthroughs at the prestigious 4th annual Vertical Farming World Congress in London.

Organized by the reputed global food and drink consultancy Zenith Global, these awards recognize outstanding achievements and motivate the entire industry to strive for more significant advancements and sustainable solutions.

Spotlight on the Winners
  • Best Crop InnovationUrbanKisaan stole the limelight with innovative Okra seeds bred specially for vertical hydroponics. Their efforts also span other plants such as tomatoes, chilies, and brinjals.
  • Best Crop EnhancementSpread for their “Techno Fresh” initiative.
  • Best Yield ImprovementVertical Future achieved a 24% hike in energy conversion efficiency for whole-head lettuce production.
  • Best Technology DevelopmentTTA showcased its tech prowess with ‘harvest,’ a high-tech harvester designed explicitly for indoor-grown crops.
  • Best AI/Automation Development: In a world where AI plays a crucial role, KETOS led the way with their KETOS SHIELD, a remarkable achievement in AI development tailored for vertical farming.
  • Best Farm Design Innovation: The aesthetic and functional aspects of farm design were best exhibited by Vertical Future with their INFT project.
  • Best New Vertical Farming Facility: Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd got the nod for their innovative aquaponic facility in Singapore.
  • Best Product MarketingLjusgårda/Supernormal Greens brought a unique marketing perspective with their “completely normal salad grown in a Supernormal way.”
  • Best Business Diversification/DevelopmentBowery introduced the Bowery Salad Kits, marking their innovative stride in business diversification.
  • Best Sustainability InitiativeELLEPOT A/S demonstrated its commitment by reducing 18.4 tons of plastic with its Ellepot System for Hydroponic Farm in an era of paramount sustainability.

The Vertical Farming World Awards 2023 encapsulates the spirit of innovation and dedication companies worldwide have for this unique domain. As vertical farming continues to shape the future of agriculture, these awards stand as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the field.

Image provided by Zenith

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