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Vertical Farming World Congress 2023

Industry leaders will convene in London from October 9-11, for the 4th Vertical Farming World Congress to discuss vertical farming's future.

World leaders in vertical farming are set to gather in the heart of the UK’s capital from October 9th to 11th for the 4th Vertical Farming World Congress. This pivotal event, taking place near the historic Tower of London, promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and solutions that will shape the future of vertical farming.

Vertical farming, which involves cultivating plants in stacked layers or vertically inclined surfaces, has been hailed for its potential to revolutionize food production. Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith Global, remarked, “There is so much potential for vertical farming to produce high quality, tasty, and nutritious food sustainably as a complement to fields and greenhouses.”

However, like many industries, vertical farming has been without its challenges. The sector has seen its share of hurdles, from disruptions caused by soaring energy prices to the complexities of evolving business models coupled with economic and supply chain complications. The congress aims to address these challenges head-on while exploring market trends, technological advancements, and product innovations.

This year’s theme, “Fulfilling the Promise,” embodies the spirit of the congress. It aims to provide an optimal platform for business leaders to reignite their confidence, share insights, and brainstorm on pioneering solutions that will shape the future trajectory of vertical farming.

Notably, the speaker lineup for the congress reads like a who’s who of the industry. Heavyweights like Fischer Farms, Infarm, Jones Food Company, Spread, Stacked Farm, and YesHealth will share the stage with American stalwarts like AeroFarms, CropOne, Freight Farms, and 80 Acres. These thought leaders will provide a comprehensive view of the vertical farming landscape.

Special sessions have been curated to address some of the most exciting developments in vertical farming. Topics will range from innovative techniques for space exploration to exploring new crop opportunities like strawberries, saffron, tomatoes, and even basil for cosmetics. Moreover, discussions will delve deep into the nuances of branding, marketing, and elevating innovation.

In addition to sessions, attendees will be privy to a detailed analysis of the global market outlook and insights on profitability and sustainability indicators, focusing on lowering emissions. The Vertical Farming World Awards Dinner will be another highlight, celebrating the best in the industry. There will also be round tables dedicated to market development, fostering dynamic discussions among participants.

Philips LED Horticulture Solutions, a name synonymous with cutting-edge growth solutions, is the proud sponsor of the event. Zenith Global, experts in food and drink consultancy, are responsible for organizing what promises to be an enlightening and transformative congress.

Those interested in attending or seeking more information can visit the official event website at or direct their inquiries to

Image provided by Zenith Global

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