Vertical Farming's Sustainable Future
Controlled Environment Agriculture

Vertical Farming’s Sustainable Future

During the recent Indoor AgTech Summit, India Langley from LettUs Grow provided an insightful perspective on the current landscape and future direction of the Vertical Farming (VF) industry. Her insights shed light on the evolving focus in areas like aeroponics and software and LettUs Grow’s expansion into the greenhouse sector.

Aeroponics and Sustainability

LettUs Grow began with aeroponic containers and has since introduced aeroponic rolling benches in late 2022, which has garnered significant interest. Langley highlighted the challenges in the VF sector that led LettUs Grow to explore more sustainable solutions. As part of their commitment to sustainability, they are conducting trials with six pilot projects for aeroponic rolling benches, covering up to 6 hectares.

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