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Vertically Urban Launches Horti-Blade™ HE

Vertically urban Horti-blade™

Vertically Urban’s ever-popular Horti-Blade™ family of luminaires is set to welcome a new member. The new model represents a leap forward in output and energy efficiency. This innovation consumes up to 26% less energy to achieve a given PPFD when compared to a standard installation. There are now four different models in the family, with output optimized for lower mounting heights and less intensive growing conditions. Four individually controlled and fully dimmable channels allow precise tuning of each section of the output spectrum to the needs of the crop.

Vertically Urban announced the unveiling of a new lighting product, Horti-Blade™. The company announced that the new model has net improvement with precedent models namely a 26% energy consumption improvement compared to a standard installation, efficacies up to up to 3.8 μmol/J with new improvements to come soon according to the company’s statement. 

“All of Vertically Urban’s Horti-Blade™ models have been created with energy efficiency in mind, but the new “HE” model intensifies this focus,” according to CEO Andrew Littler. “We can now reduce our farmers’ lighting OPEX by up to 26% by replacing the luminaire alone. Furthermore, when Horti-BladeTM HE is used in conjunction with the most recent advancements in plant science and an intelligent AI-based farm control system, like our future HORISS platform, substantial OPEX reductions are likely to occur.”

Horti-Blade™ HE, like the rest of the family, is an ultra-slim, high-tech LED grow light intended for indoor and vertical farming applications. Each Horti-Blade™ family member is just 8mm thin, made in the UK by Vertically Urban‘s committed crew, and incorporates the newest LED technology with unique optics to guarantee that the crop receives the greatest possible quantity of usable photons. The OPEX-busting Horti-Blade™ HE has been added, bringing the total number of models in the family up to four. Horti-Blade™ S is particularly suited to less demanding growth circumstances, such as microgreen culture or seedling propagation, and has an output that is optimized for lower mounting heights.

Horti-Blade™ H is best suited for circumstances where maximizing yield and crop uniformity are priorities. It boasts PPF levels up to 30% greater than our S model and is optimized for total light output and uniformity. Horti-Blade™ Tunable, the family’s last member, is perfect for research purposes or places where a range of crops is to be produced. Four independently regulated and completely dimmable channels enable fine-tuning of each output spectrum portion to the requirements of the crop.

“With OPEX being such a huge topic at the moment, we’re truly excited to add Horti-Blade™ HE to the family and in turn offer our growers the chance to save big on their energy bill,” said Jon Potter, Vertically Urban’s Business Development Director. He continued, “we’d love to show you the potential of Horti-Blade™ HE, so get in touch and we can begin your journey with us!”

Image provided by Vertically Urban

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