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VertiFarm: Shaping Sustainable Agriculture through Technology

VertiFarm, an international trade show, highlights solutions for sustainable agriculture, showcasing CEA and cutting-edge technologies.

As the global population hurtles towards the ten billion mark by 2050, the urgency of finding sustainable solutions for feeding the world becomes more apparent. The confluence of factors like climate change, dwindling agricultural land, supply chain vulnerabilities, and rapid urbanization necessitates reimagining traditional farming practices. VertiFarm is the pioneering international trade show platform for exploring the cutting-edge realm of next-level farming and revolutionary food systems.

Set against the backdrop of rapidly changing demographics and environmental challenges, VertiFarm returns for its second edition with a mission to showcase tomorrow’s sustainable cultivation and breeding methods. This unique event, held from September 26 to 28, 2023, at Messe Dortmund, Germany, brings together decision-makers, innovators, and experts from the agriculture, food, and pharmaceutical industries. VertiFarm offers a comprehensive showcase of ideas, technologies, and strategies to ensure future food supplies.

At the heart of VertiFarm’s focus lies Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), a transformative approach to food production that leverages technology to create optimal growing conditions irrespective of external factors. The event spotlights controlled production systems for various produce, including vegetables, fruits, salads, herbs, alternative protein sources, microgreens, and medicinal plants. Furthermore, it delves into developments in fish, algae, and insect farming and the exciting realm of cell-based meat and mushroom production.

One highlight at VertiFarm is the presentation of two research projects from the Southern Westphalia University of Applied Sciences. ‘proGIreg’ and ‘INCiTiS-Food’ projects explore innovative techniques like hydroponics, aquaponics, and insect production. The former focuses on implementing nature-based solutions for post-industrial areas. At the same time, the latter seeks to educate young people across Africa about these new approaches, enabling them to develop and build their systems using locally available materials.

The event’s diverse exhibitors come from across the globe, uniting in Dortmund to present revolutionary technologies and systems poised to reshape the agricultural landscape. Companies like SEAWATER showcase automated recirculation plants for marine fish farming, emphasizing decentralized seafood supply and high-quality protein nutrition. HerkuPlast Kubern GmbH introduces stackable cultivation trays for sustainable seedling cultivation, addressing a critical aspect of the food production process.

VertiFarm goes beyond being a mere trade show; it aspires to be an educational hub. The event’s stage program is a three-day extravaganza of informative and interactive sessions. Industry experts, academia representatives, industrial producers, and start-up entrepreneurs converge to discuss critical themes like “Innovation & Technology,” “Finance & Funding,” “Ecological & Economical Balance,” and “Efficiencies.”

The show proudly hosts the 7th International Summit of the Association for Vertical Farming e.V. This two-day summit features prominent scientists, investors, industry representatives, and government officials, offering enlightening dialogues on “Science & Research,” “Technology & Sustainability,” and “Food & Cities.”

VertiFarm’s significance is further underscored by the sponsorship of SANANBIO, a distinguished Chinese company that won the Vertical Farming World Award in 2022. SANANBIO’s cutting-edge technology aligns with the mission of creating a sustainable global food system through vertical agriculture.

Before the official start of VertiFarm, an immersive excursion to the Netherlands provides participants with real-world insights into vertical farming and new food systems. This innovation hub showcases automated vertical farms, innovative plant production systems, and alternative algae protein sources. This knowledge-packed journey culminates in a visit to a fully automated ornamental flower production facility.

Tickets for the trade show, AVF Summit, and the Netherlands excursion can be conveniently booked through the online ticket shop. The opportunity to become an exhibitor is also available for businesses looking to make their mark in this exciting arena.

As the challenges of feeding a burgeoning population intensify, VertiFarm emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation, uniting stakeholders, experts, and visionaries in a collective effort to revolutionize how we produce and distribute food. In its dynamic convergence of technology, sustainability, and collaborative learning, VertiFarm shapes the future of farming, ensuring a greener and more nourished planet for generations to come.

Image provided by VertiFarm


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