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VertiFarm Showcases Innovations for Tomorrow’s Urban Farming Opportunities

Vertifarm and the German agricultural society

VertiFarm, the international trade show that caters to next-generation farming and new food systems, is set to make its second appearance from September 26 to 28, offering a comprehensive platform for stakeholders in the agriculture, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The event, positioned as the global hub for future urban food supply systems, provides vast information on controlled production systems for vegetables, fruits, salads, herbs, alternative protein sources, micro greens, medicinal plants, and new fish and insect farming advancements.

VertiFarm aims to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to one of the most pressing global challenges: securing sustainable future supplies of local, healthy, fresh food. The show is supported by numerous entities, including the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), the North Rhine Westphalia Retailers’ Association, the Retail Industry Climate Protection Campaign, the Westphalia & Lippe Agricultural Association, and the German Pharmaceutical Industry Association (BPI).

Exhibitors from various corners of the globe, including Norway, Sweden, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, North and South America, and Asia, will present trends, new technologies, and systems related to modern cultivation techniques, providing a comprehensive overview of the realms of aquaponics and hydroponics.

Among the notable exhibitors, Bosch Rexroth AG, a leading drive and control equipment specialist, will showcase its technical automation expertise. UK-based Vertical Future Ltd will present innovative production systems for agriculture in controlled environments. Dutch greenhouse technology expert, Priva Horticulture BV, will display innovative products and applications, from process computers and sensors to cloud-based automation software.

Germany’s vGreens Holding GmbH will exhibit how it combines technological innovation and sustainability to produce premium fruit and crops. INDO Lighting Ltd from the UK will present lighting systems to aid optimum growth. Furthermore, Seawater Cubes GmbH will offer insights into a sustainable alternative for future decentralized supplies of fresh sea fish.

The 7th International Summit of the Association for Vertical Farming will also occur as part of the VertiFarm event. The two-day convention, organized by the world’s leading non-profit in its field, will host scientists, investors, and representatives from industry and government. Discussions will focus on Science & Research, Technology & Sustainability, and Food & Cities, exploring the possibilities and requirements for making vertical farming a reality in urban environments.

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