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Vineyard Growers May Soon Be Empowered With Data

Vineyard growers empowered by partnership between agtech companies

Predictive Agriculture company, Agrology, and SaaS platform for the wine and spirits industry, Process2Wine, have announced a partnership to provide Agrology data to Process2Wine customers. This partnership will empower growers to receive predictions and take action when threats such as extreme weather and wildfires occur.

The two companies will work together to integrate Agrology’s data into the Process2Wine platform, providing real-time insights into the soil and canopy. This will allow vineyards to receive work order suggestions, track progress, and see results in their vineyard data. The Agrology Platform offers water, irrigation, pest prevention, spraying, soil, smoke taint, and extreme weather prediction technology. It also provides soil carbon sequestration validation and greenhouse gas monitoring.

“Agrology’s incredible predictive technology enables growers to receive valuable insights so that they can take action,” said Clement Chivite, Manager of Process2Wine North America commenting on the announcement. “When integrated into the Process2Wine platform, this powerful Agrology data will provide real-time insights into the soil and canopy. Vineyards will receive work order suggestions, be able to track them through completion and see the results in their vineyard data. Combined with our data from the vineyard, all the way to packaging, it will be a powerful addition to our platform.”

Process2Wine offers global visibility and tools for growers to manage their operations, including an advanced mapping tool. This partnership will enhance the features of Process2Wine by providing growers with valuable insights from Agrology’s predictive technology. This will help growers to make better decisions to protect their vineyards and increase their yields.

“Process2Wine offers growers a business intelligence solution that enables growers to manage their resources effectively,” said Adam Koeppel, Co-Founder, and CEO of Agrology commenting on the announcement. “We are excited to partner with them to offer their customers a robust, end-to-end solution that growers can trust and rely on when they need to take action”

The companies plan to announce future availability and pricing for the partnership. This partnership’s objective is to enable growers to take proactive measures to protect their vineyards and increase their yields as well as to improve the overall efficiency of the wine and spirits industry.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash


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