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Viterra Announces Expansion of Grain and Ingredient Terminal in Texas

Viterra Announces Expansion of Grain and Ingredient Terminal in Texas

Viterra has announced plans to expand its grain and ingredient terminal in Etter, Texas, bolstering its storage capacity by over 40,000 tons. This investment underlines Viterra’s commitment to meeting the increasing demand for high-quality grains and feed ingredients in the region.

The expansion is specifically designed to meet better the needs of dairy, cattle, and swine producers across West Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, as the demand for grains and top-tier feed ingredients continues to rise in these regions.

Rayner Freyberg, CEO of Viterra for the US & Mexico, said, “This investment positions us well for future growth and investment in the region and will allow us to support the continuing expansion of oilseed crush and meal production across North America.”

Freyberg further stated that the completion of the project would enable Viterra to serve both growers and customers better. This reflects Viterra’s dedication to fulfilling customer needs and its commitment to the regions it serves.

The expansion project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This addition will enhance Viterra’s existing capabilities and boost its storage capacity, allowing the company to keep pace with increasing demand.

This strategic investment by Viterra is a significant step toward supporting local agricultural industries and facilitating growth in the North American oilseed crush and meal production sector. In addition, the announcement signals a positive shift for regional producers, who stand to benefit from increased access to quality grain storage and supply.

Photo by Lutz Wernitz on Unsplash 

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