Vytelle Establishes Sixteenth Global Laboratory in Brisbane

Vytelle Establishes Sixteenth Global Laboratory in Brisbane

Precision livestock company, Vytelle, is pushing forward in its ambitious five-year plan to deliver accessible, hormone-free, bovine in vitro fertilization (IVF) solutions to cattle producers worldwide. The company announced today that it has set up its sixteenth global laboratory in Brisbane, Australia, marking another significant step in its global expansion.

The company’s distinct technological platform unifies its innovative Vytelle ADVANCE, an advanced IVF technology, with Vytelle SENSE, a state-of-the-art animal performance data capture system, and Vytelle INSIGHT, an AI-based genetic analytics engine. This integrated platform equips progressive cattle producers with a powerful tool to make data-driven mating decisions, enhancing the predictability of genetic progress and promoting faster replication of superior genetics.

The newly established laboratory in Brisbane brings a newfound accessibility to cutting-edge reproduction technology to Australia’s eastern states’ beef herds. The company’s hormone-free in vitro fertilization procedure, including its proprietary media, aims to offer high-quality embryos to producers. This process is designed to enable them to produce more valuable calves swiftly, thus maximizing sustainability.

Kerryann Kocher, CEO, said, “Vytelle is the fastest-growing bovine IVF company in the world. We are thrilled to open our doors in Brisbane, positioning Vytelle to serve 70% of the total beef herd in Australia from this location.”

The company has already established a significant presence in Australia, particularly by implementing its Vytelle SENSE technology, which provides essential phenotypic data capture to measure and select for feed efficiency. This recent investment further positions Vytelle to aid Australian producers in enhancing efficiencies and expediting genetic progress across the supply chain, thus enabling a more sustainable and efficient beef market.

“The successful use of frozen embryos will drive the large-scale adoption of IVF,” Andrew Donoghue, Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, stated. He added, “Unlike other technologies, the Vytelle system allows us to deliver frozen results producers can count on, providing reliable IVF to herds historically underserved with fresh programs.” This reflects Vytelle’s commitment to expanding its services to reach those regions and herds traditionally overlooked in adopting modern reproductive technologies.

Image provided by Vytelle
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