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Washington State’s Royal Dairy Partners with Nestlé Health Science

In a significant step towards sustainable farming, Royal Dairy, representing Washington State’s future-oriented dairy farmers, has teamed up with global nutrition and health leader Nestlé Health Science. Their collaborative mission aligns with the U.S. Dairy Net Zero Initiative, aspiring to neutralize the dairy sector’s greenhouse gas (GHG) by 2050.

This innovative partnership will concentrate on four pivotal aspects of dairy farming: cow care and feed, manure management, renewable energy, and regenerative agriculture. The collaboration’s overarching goal is to demonstrate that dairy milk can be a sustainably produced nutritional resource.

Christiane Baker, Nestlé Health Science’s Director of Sustainability U.S., highlighted dairy farmers’ hurdles in their journey towards eco-friendly practices. She remarked, “Despite their deep knowledge of the land and best farming practices, many dairy farmers grapple with the high costs and technological challenges in transitioning to environmentally-friendly operations.”

The Washington State company stands at the forefront of integrating a holistic regenerative dairy farming approach, substantially reducing its carbon imprint and championing a sustainable food system. Nestlé Health Science, recognizing Royal Dairy’s endeavors, is enthusiastic about supporting the farm’s eco-centric solutions. Christiane added, “We’re excited about fortifying Royal Dairy’s sustainable journey and eager to broaden this initiative’s horizons.”

Royal Dairy’s commitment to sustainability isn’t a newfound venture. Purchased by the Allred family in 2016, the farm has been a torchbearer of eco-friendly farming practices since its acquisition. With its 10,000 cows, the farm produces an impressive one million gallons of milk monthly. Austin Allred, who hails from a fruit and vegetable farming background, underscores the significance of nutrition and soil health in the food production chain. He emphasized, “A synergy between soil and cows is essential. If nurtured correctly, they consistently provide us with the nourishment necessary to sustain families in Washington and beyond.”

The partnership between Royal Dairy and Nestlé Health Science has also garnered accolades from prominent figures in the dairy sector. Dr. Njoe Nyoni, Senior Director of Sustainability for Dairy Farmers of Washington, expressed his excitement about the collaboration. He stated, “By amalgamating their resources, Royal Dairy and Nestlé Health Science showcase dairy farming’s potential in combating climate change. Sharing such innovations and best practices will be instrumental in achieving the dairy sector’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”

With such collaborations, the dairy sector’s vision of a sustainable future seems more achievable.

Image provided by Royal Diary

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