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Zespri Unveils ZAG, an Innovation Funding Initiative For Sustainability

Zespri Unveils ZAG, an Innovation Funding Initiative For Sustainability. agTech; AgriTech; Agriculture; Agriculture Technology; Sustainable Agriculture; AgriBusiness; Agribusiness funding

Key Takeaways

  1. Zespri’s New Innovation Fund: Zespri announces the establishment of ZAG, an innovation funding initiative with an annual fund of US$2 million.
  2. Focus on Sustainable Kiwifruit Production: The initiative aims to propel sustainable agriculture practices and enhance global kiwifruit consumption.
  3. Invitation for Global Innovators: ZAG seeks to attract problem solvers globally to address industry challenges in sustainable agriculture, technology, and logistics.
  4. Core Priorities of ZAG: The initiative focuses on improving kiwifruit quality and productivity, promoting well-being through consumption, enhancing environmental protection, and fostering a thriving industry.
  5. Alignment with Long-term Sustainability Goals: ZAG aligns with Zespri’s sustainability program, aiming for a net-zero roadmap by 2050 and reducing packaging’s environmental impact.

Zespri, the world’s largest kiwifruit marketer, has announced the establishment of an innovation funding initiative known as ZAG. This US$2 million annual fund supports future innovation initiatives and global strategic partnerships, strengthening Zespri’s mission to promote sustainable kiwifruit agriculture.

Driving Innovation in the Kiwifruit Industry

ZAG is set to attract global innovators to address key challenges in sustainable agriculture, technology, automation, packaging, supply chain, logistics, and industry education. It aims to foster initiatives that drive superior quality in kiwifruit, promote well-being through consumption, protect and enhance nature, and benefit growers and local communities.

Commitment to Sustainability and Community Wellbeing

Zespri’s Chief Marketing, Innovation, and Sustainability Officer, Jiunn Shih, emphasizes the company’s focus on creating sustainable value while restoring nature and promoting healthy eating habits. The initiative is part of Zespri’s broader sustainability program, including a science-aligned net-zero roadmap to 2050 and a commitment to reducing shipping emissions.

Collaborative Efforts for a Brighter Future

Zespri encourages partnerships with agri- and food-tech innovators, aiming to achieve significant advancements in the kiwifruit industry. The company’s efforts include a comprehensive approach to addressing climate change impacts, enhancing kiwifruit consumption worldwide, and supporting healthy lifestyle programs in over 12 countries.

Photo by Serena Tyrrell on Unsplash 

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