5WPR introduces a specialized agriculture practice within its Consumer Division, catering to growers, brands, and industry associations.
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5WPR Launches Dedicated Agriculture Practice

5W Public Relations (5WPR), a leading independently-owned PR firm in the United States, has announced the launch of a specialized farmer, grower, and agriculture practice within its Consumer Division. The move comes in response to the increasing demand for transparency in the farming and agriculture industry and aims to cater to the needs of growers, brands, and industry associations operating in this space.

The newly established practice will work closely with various stakeholders in the farming and growing sector, including producers of fresh, pre-packaged, and dry goods for consumers, as well as businesses involved in fresh floral and floral delivery services. By collaborating with growers, brands, and associations, 5WPR aims to bring their unique stories to the market, educate consumers about the processes behind the products, and foster a sense of trust in the brands they choose.

Dara A. Busch, co-CEO of 5WPR, emphasizes the significance of meeting the changing demands of consumers. “As consumers increasingly want to know where their food is coming from and how it’s being produced, there is a huge opportunity for brands to speak directly to them,” Busch states. The practice seeks to bridge the gap between consumers and agricultural businesses, offering insights into the origin and production of goods, and instilling confidence in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The decision to launch this specialized division follows the Consumer Division’s successful work with prominent clients in the farming and agriculture sector. One such success story involves Stemilt, a leading grower, packer, and shipper of tree fruit, and 4Sisters Rice, a sustainable producer of organic and natural rice products. These achievements demonstrate 5WPR’s capability to effectively represent businesses in the agricultural space.

The new practice also aligns with the broader trend in the industry, where consumers and retailers alike are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability, ethical practices, and the origin of the products they purchase. By catering to this growing demand for transparency, 5WPR aims to create meaningful connections between businesses and their target audiences.

The Consumer Division of 5WPR is dedicated to working with brands and businesses operating in the consumer space. The division offers a comprehensive range of services, including corporate communications, consumer programs, influencer and media relations, crisis support, and digital marketing services.

One of the assets under the Consumer Division is HOW, a digital marketing agency that operates under the belief of radical accountability. HOW’s mission is to ensure that every digital dollar spent results in measurable business growth and opportunities for its clients. The agency has been recognized for its outstanding work in B2C and B2B segments, earning accolades such as the PR Daily Social Media and Digital Awards and a spot on the 2023 Top 20 Digital Marketing Agency of the Year list.

Founded by Ronn Torossian two decades ago, 5WPR has earned a strong reputation for its innovative and engaging PR programs that connect businesses, issues, and ideas with their target audiences. The agency has been consistently recognized as a top PR agency in the U.S. and New York City by the industry-leading publication O’Dwyer’s. Furthermore, it was named the Agency of the Year in the 2023 American Business Awards®. 5WPR’s team of more than 300 professionals serves clients in various sectors, including B2C, B2B, public affairs, crisis communications, and digital marketing.

With the launch of the dedicated farmer, grower, and agriculture practice, 5W Public Relations demonstrates its commitment to addressing the growing demand for transparency in the farming and agriculture industry. By partnering with growers, brands, and associations, 5WPR aims to bring their unique stories to consumers and foster trust in the products they purchase. As consumers continue to prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, this new practice is well-positioned to create meaningful connections between businesses and their audiences, contributing to the growth and success of both agricultural enterprises and the PR firm itself.

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