ADAMA Ltd. has introduced two new insecticides, Cosayr® and Lapidos®, in India, to target pests affecting paddy and sugar cane crops.
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ADAMA Launches Cosayr® and Lapidos® Insecticides in India

Global crop protection leader ADAMA Ltd. (SZSE: 000553) announced the introduction of two new insecticides, Cosayr® and Lapidos®, in the Indian market. These innovative products are the company’s first insecticides containing the active ingredient Chlorantraniliprole (CTPR), marking a significant milestone in ADAMA’s ongoing ‘Core Leap’ strategy.

Aimed at paddy and sugar cane growers, Cosayr® and Lapidos® promise a robust defense against destructive pests that have traditionally compromised yields and overall crop quality. Lapidos® is a GR (Granular) formulation designed for wide-ranging applications, mainly targeting crop protection at early growth stages. On the other hand, Cosayr® is a foliar solution that focuses on managing stem borer and leaf folders—two primary culprits responsible for significant rice paddy crop losses annually.

“ADAMA has recognized CTPR as an essential active ingredient for its future insecticide portfolio, as part of our ‘Core Leap’ strategy,” said Walter Costa, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at ADAMA. “Our fully backward integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to maintain a strong cost position, further adding value to our offerings.”

Sahin Ozkan, ADAMA India General Manager, highlighted the company’s focus on fulfilling local agricultural needs: “Introducing Cosayr® and Lapidos® to Indian farmers underscores our commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity. We look forward to developing and providing more products based on CTPR to meet our farmers’ needs comprehensively.”

ADAMA’s ‘Core Leap’ strategy seeks to capitalize on 24 leading active ingredients coming off patent to offer a more sustainable and commercially viable product line. Leveraging proprietary Formulation Technology Platforms, the company optimizes the performance of these active ingredients, transforming them into practical, sustainable, and user-friendly solutions.

ADAMA has established itself as a global powerhouse in crop protection, with a presence in over 100 countries. It boasts one of the most diverse portfolios of active ingredients worldwide and offers state-of-the-art R&D, manufacturing, and formulation facilities. The company’s unique approach to listening to farmers and ideating solutions from the field has positioned it as a leader in delivering differentiated, high-quality products.

Image provided by ADAMA

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