ADM Expands Regenerative Agriculture Program For Sustainable Farming
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ADM Expands Regenerative Agriculture Program For Sustainable Farming

ADM announced a major expansion of its re:generations™ regenerative agriculture program to cover more North American producers. Following the successful enrollment of over a million acres in 2022, ADM plans to further the initiative to span 2 million acres in 2023, with a goal to reach 4 million acres worldwide by 2025.

Paul Scheetz, the Director of Climate Smart Ag Origination at ADM, expressed pride in ADM’s efforts to support regenerative agriculture. Scheetz acknowledged the unique position of ADM, given its expansive value chain that spans over 200,000 producers to customers across various sectors. He affirmed that this expansion would be a positive step in enhancing producers’ income while also contributing to the environment and improving soil health.

ADM’s re:generations™ program expansion offers producers financial incentives and technical support to implement practices such as cover cropping, better nutrient management, and conservation tillage. The scheme targets multiple crops, including corn, soybeans, peanuts, and wheat. Registered producers can earn premium payments of up to $25 per acre per year, and in some cases, an additional per bushel premium for grain delivered to ADM.

The re:generations™ program, designed for easy use and adoption by producers, comes with short-term agreements and personalized, localized support. Additionally, ADM is set to extend the availability of Farmers Business Network’s Gradable digital farm management tool. This tool will facilitate smoother data collection and quick payment to producers after each program year.

ADM will collaborate with independent organizations like American Farmland Trust, Ducks Unlimited, Kansas Association of Conservation Districts, and Practical Farmers of Iowa for state-specific technical assistance. These partners will guide producers through program details, qualifications, and successful practice implementation.

In July and August, ADM program managers will conduct in-person information sessions to educate producers about the program and offerings. They will also help initiate the enrollment process. This timing aligns with producers’ planning for their fall cover crop plan and spring 2024 planting decisions.

Greg Morris, President of ADM’s Ag Services & Oilseeds business, emphasized the importance of sustainability in their efforts. He underscored that scaling up their regenerative agriculture efforts to 4 million acres by 2025 is a key strategy in meeting the demand for sustainably sourced products and shaping a more sustainable future.

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash 

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