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AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. Partners with DeltaQuad

AgEagle partners with DeltaQuad to enhance the EVO drone's environmental monitoring with the RedEdge-P™ dual sensor.

The renowned full-stack flight hardware, sensor, and software provider, AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE: UAVS), proclaimed that DeltaQuad’s EVO has fully incorporated AgEagle’s cutting-edge sensor, the RedEdge-P™ dual. This significant collaboration between two industry juggernauts promises to revolutionize environmental monitoring practices.

The DeltaQuad EVO: Advancing UAV Technology

DeltaQuad’s EVO, a representation of next-generation UAV technology, is packed with unparalleled features – over four hours of flight duration, a 270 km flight range, dual payload bays, and top-tier composites. The global clientele of DeltaQuad, spanning from commercial sectors to government bodies, can look forward to versatile operations and enhanced functionalities.

A game-changer, when the EVO is equipped with the RedEdge-P dual, it can capture imagery paralleling the quality of Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite bands in a single drone flight. The precision is also considerably sharper, paving the way for meticulous plant classification, water body vegetation analysis, environmental studies, and weed identification.

The RedEdge-P Dual: A New Dawn in Aerial Sensing

AgEagle’s latest marvel, the RedEdge-P dual, was released in May 2023. This innovation amplifies a drone operator’s analysis capacities, enabling the concurrent capture of up to ten bands. Furthermore, it produces multiple high-definition outputs, including RGB, crop vigor indices, and NDVI composites, to name a few. Merging the prowess of AgEagle’s RedEdge-P and RedEdge-P Blue cameras, this new sensor even introduces a pioneering coastal blue band tailored for comprehensive environmental applications.

Douwe Zeeman, DeltaQuad’s CEO, voiced his enthusiasm for the collaboration, “We envision a world where high-resolution drone and sensor technologies replace traditional lower-resolution satellite photos and land surveying equipment. With the EVO and RedEdge-P dual, we offer a transformative, cost-effective solution for environmental monitoring.”

AgEagle’s CEO, Barrett Mooney, echoing these sentiments, highlighted the global urgency to shift from expensive ground-based sampling and low-resolution satellite images. “The combination of DeltaQuad’s EVO and our RedEdge-P dual offers a sustainable, precise, and effective alternative for monitoring environmental variations over varied timeframes,” said Mooney.

DeltaQuad has roots in the Netherlands since 2012 and has revolutionized eVTOL fixed-wing UAVs. Continually focusing on innovation, DeltaQuad offers unique surveillance, mapping, and inspection solutions. Committed to reliability and user-friendly interfaces, they continually redefine industry standards. 

Founded in 2010, AgEagle began its journey by pioneering professional-grade drones and aerial imagery analytics for agriculture. Today, they are a leading authority, offering holistic drone solutions for varied sectors, including energy, construction, and government. 

Image provided by DeltaQuad

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