Agricola Moderna Group Secures €15M From Azimut to Boost Vertical Farming in Italy
Controlled Environment Agriculture Funding Round

Agricola Moderna Group Secures €15M From Azimut to Boost Vertical Farming in Italy

Agricola Moderna Group (website), a trailblazer in the vertical farming sector with an active role in hardware and software development for indoor farming, recently confirmed the successful conclusion of an investment round involving Azimut. Azimut invested on behalf of the Infrastructure for Growth – ESG Fund, contributing an impressive €15 million to the project company’s equity, real estate, and infrastructure.

Azimut’s investment is expected to play a crucial role in fostering the construction of one of Italy’s most sophisticated and extensive vertical farming facilities. This cutting-edge installation will be established in the municipality of Agnadello, within the province of Cremona.

The Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici law firm supported the Agricola Moderna Group throughout all phases of this intricate investment operation. The firm’s contributions included drafting and negotiating a variety of agreements: investment, corporate, and commercial contracts for the vertical farming facility were all prepared under their guidance. Furthermore, the team provided legal counsel during the project’s due diligence process.

The legal team from Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici was spearheaded by partner Valentina Canalini, who heads the firm’s energy and infrastructure department. She received support from senior associate Daniele Pompei and associate Antonella Guetta. Associate Andrea Gaiti lent his expertise on real estate matters.

Meanwhile, the law firm Vito & Partners rendered legal assistance to Azimut throughout the investment process in Agnadello.

This investment is set to fortify Agricola Moderna Group’s position within the vertical farming market, and also signifies a strong confidence from Azimut in the long-term potential of the sustainable agriculture industry. As the world increasingly focuses on food security and sustainability, vertical farming, a method that allows for year-round crop production with less land use and water waste, is emerging as a viable solution. This major development may well set a benchmark for similar sustainable agriculture projects throughout Italy and beyond.

Photo by petra cigale on Unsplash 

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