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Agriplay Ventures Inc. and Savills Inc. Form Strategic Partnership to Expand Urban Farming Technology

Agriplay Ventures Inc. and Savills Inc. have announced an innovative partnership, combining their expertise in the urban farming technology and real estate sectors. The collaboration will see Savills Inc. provide international representation for Agriplay Ventures Inc. and serve as a service provider for Agriplay’s national and international territorial licensees.

Agriplay, known for its proprietary urban farming technology and adaptive reuse of commercial real estate assets, will benefit from Savills’ extensive network of professionals and comprehensive real estate services. Savills is set to assist Agriplay and its territorial licensees with expert site selection, consulting, and brokerage services. This includes negotiating for acquisitions and directly leasing approximately 9 million square feet of vacant commercial office and retail premises.

Savills’ network of representatives and partnerships spans each province or state in Canada, the United States, and internationally. They have implemented a streamlined process to assess locales and properties, new partnerships, and developments for presentation to Agriplay and its Licensees.

Paul McKay, Senior Managing Director at Savills Calgary, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Agriplay’s innovative vision for urban farming technology. “Agriplay’s practical and cutting-edge approach is reshaping both the real estate and agricultural industries, providing tangible benefits to grocers, consumers, and the environment,” said McKay. He further emphasized the company’s vital role in addressing food security and enhancing the availability of fresh, nutritious produce on a hyper-local scale.

Agriplay’s President and Founder, Dan Houston, echoed McKay’s excitement. “This partnership with Savills will accelerate our growth, provide valuable site selection expertise, and facilitate a major undertaking to identify and procure ideal facilities to accommodate growth opportunities across North America and the globe,” he said. Houston also pointed out Savills’ commitment to the cause, the potential benefits of the partnership to the commercial real estate and finance sectors, and the significant ESG benefits to end users.

The partnership marks a significant step for both companies, paving the way for expanding sustainable urban farming technology and providing innovative solutions to the commercial real estate market.

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