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Agritecture & Greener Crop Partner To Expand CEA Services Throughout The US & GCC

Agritecture Partnership

Agritecture and Greener Crop are teaming up to make it easier to launch and operate greenhouses in the United States and the six countries that comprise the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The partnership will help companies expand from the GCC market to the U.S. and beyond. This is also the first of several new service provider partnerships Agritectre will be adding to its Partner Network in the next few months.

Agritecture announced a new partnership with Greener Crop to ease the launch and operation of greenhouses in the United States and in the GCC region. During the planning stage of their journey, clients will profit from the distinctive farm modeling capabilities of the Agritecture Designer platform & Partner Network. Greener Crop will provide assistance with the creation of a crop strategy, the acquisition of growing equipment, and the management of the completed farm.

“Our collaboration is really beneficial to both businesses. Together, we will be able to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, from initial business planning to help with facility management,” says Alexander Kappes, founder, and CEO of Greener Crop.

“With this partnership, Agritecture will be able to assist its clients in operating farms through Greener Crop’s Farming-as-a-Service solutions,” according to founder and CEO Henry Gordon-Smith of Agritecture.

Greener Crop will be able to enter the US market by way of agricultural architecture. In the meanwhile, Greener Crop will bolster Agritecture’s current position in the GCC. This is also the first of numerous new service provider alliances that Agritecture will be incorporating into its Partner Network over the coming several months.

“It’s critical to emphasize our shared principles of truthfulness and openness. We will keep looking for ways to make CEA data and best practices more accessible through Agritecture Designer, and this partnership is one more way we can do so, says Gordon-Smith.

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