Agroforestry Group Expands Aquilaria Program through Collaboration, Revolutionizing Agarwood Production and Driving Sustainable Growth.
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Agroforestry Group Expands Aquilaria Program

Agroforestry Group, a company specializing in agriculture and forestry, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with a Malaysian research and development company to expand its Aquilaria program. The partnership is driven by the renowned scientific advisor, Dr. Baharuddin Salleh, and aims to enhance Aquilaria inoculation and post-inoculation product development.

Aquilaria, commonly known as agarwood, is a highly sought-after resinous wood valued for its unique fragrance and uses in various industries such as perfumery, medicine, and religious ceremonies. Agarwood forms when the Aquilaria trees undergo a natural defense mechanism in response to fungal infection or artificial inoculation. Agroforestry Group’s collaboration aims to improve the success, speed, and yield of agarwood production within inoculated trees.

The inoculation process involves introducing specific compounds into the trees to stimulate agarwood formation. Each stage of the process requires a different mixture of compounds, and Agroforestry Group is investing heavily in research to find the optimal balance of performance enhancement and cost minimization. By refining the inoculation process, the company aims to increase the yield of high-quality agarwood and reduce the time required for resin formation.

Paul Martin, Managing Director of Agroforestry Group, expressed his delight regarding the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to have further strengthened our research and development program through this partnership. This marks a significant milestone for us as we near the completion of our inoculation research program for Aquilaria trees planted between 2018 and 2019. Expanding our program is crucial as it allows us to safeguard our ongoing efforts in research and development while also focusing on post-inoculation product development. This includes the creation of tea, fragrances, and various other Aquilaria-based products.”

Martin emphasized the immense value of the partnership by highlighting the expertise of Dr. Baharuddin Salleh, a renowned Aquilaria expert, and scientific advisor to Agroforestry Group. Dr. Salleh, formerly a Professor of Plant Pathology & Mycology at the University Sains Malaysia (USM), brings decades of experience and an impressive portfolio of over 100 published works. His expertise will play a crucial role in advancing Agroforestry Group’s initiatives in the field of Aquilaria research and development.

Established in 2015, Agroforestry Group leverages its thirty years of private forestry management experience to establish and develop commercial durian and agarwood plantations. The company also focuses on product distribution and sales. Agriculture and forestry have emerged as attractive asset classes over the past decade, attracting risk-averse private investors drawn to the industry’s green credentials and long-term high returns offered by agroforestry.

The expansion of Agroforestry Group’s Aquilaria program marks an exciting development for the company. With Dr. Baharuddin Salleh’s expertise and contributions, Agroforestry Group will further advance its research and development efforts in the field of Aquilaria and contribute to the sustainable growth of the agriculture and forestry industry.

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