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Agrograph and Planet Labs Join Forces to Boost Geospatial Data Technology

Agrograph, a leading provider of geospatial data technology, announced a strategic partnership with Planet Labs PBC (Planet), known for its high-resolution global satellite data. The collaboration aims to bolster business and farm-risk management decision-making tools by integrating both firms’ technological strengths.

This partnership expects to serve a wide range of clients, including finance, insurance, agri-business service providers, government entities, and organizations requiring data-backed solutions to evaluate financial and environmental risks, identify potential business opportunities, and guide investments in cropland agriculture across the globe.

Enhanced solutions that streamline business and farm risk management will be available to Planet and Agrograph customers, building upon a wealth of geospatial data and satellite imagery.

“We’ve spent the past decade supplying our customers with actionable, geospatial data,” said Michael Barrow, Vice President at Agrograph. “We have steadily expanded and refined our range of variables, models, and insights to empower our customers’ decision-making, planning, and asset management strategies.”

Barrow believes the partnership will capitalize on each company’s unique strengths and bring substantial benefits to clients worldwide. He pointed out that “Planet’s SkySat and PlanetScope data provide a continuous flow of medium to high-resolution data, allowing for timely updates in imagery and monitoring of risk and environmental changes.” Barrow further emphasized that sensitive models that may be hindered by cloud cover are now improved, removing potential barriers to crucial observation windows for crop monitoring and land management activity.

The new partnership builds upon the existing successes of the two organizations. Since 2021, Planet and Agrograph have been working together to provide data and imagery solutions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Jennifer Doogan, Planet’s Director of Partnerships in the Americas, warmly welcomed Agrograph into the Planet Partner program. She lauded Agrograph for its wide-ranging technological capabilities, industry know-how, and potential to add value to the agricultural supply chain. “Through this partnership, Agrograph can enhance their solutions with Planet’s high-resolution imagery to deepen and broaden their geospatial-data products and services,” Doogan noted. These enhanced services will deliver comprehensive reports on crop production, finance and insurance risk, land use changes, farm management, and sustainability measurements.

Established in 2016, Agrograph has been delivering data-driven solutions to companies with agricultural exposure. The Agros™ Platform merges satellite imagery, varied data sources, and field-scale predictive modeling to generate industry-specific solutions. These solutions accurately identify fields and provide reliable metrics on land management practices, historical and predictive yield production, land use changes, environmental impact, soil carbon metrics, farmland market value, and more.

Photo by Paulo Simões Mendes on Unsplash 

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