AlphaPhenomics and HerdWhistle Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

AlphaPhenomics and HerdWhistle Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

Canadian companies AlphaPhenomics Inc. and HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. have announced a strategic collaboration in an exciting development in the precision livestock industry. The partnership is designed to capitalize on a burgeoning market, with an independent report from the EU-PLF Group estimating the sector’s value at USD 2.13 billion in 2021 and a projected worth of $4.32 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 16.9% between 2020 and 2027.

Dr. Jack Behan, CEO of AlphaPhenomics, spoke enthusiastically about the collaboration, highlighting how the blend of the two companies’ strengths will augment their combined potential in the precision livestock industry. This sector – encompassing Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud-based, and Data (ABCD) companies – is seeing rapid digitization. Dr. Behan stressed that The partnership with HerdWhistle is not just timely but crucial to maximize returns for their stakeholders and accelerate the commercialization of their joint intellectual property. He praised HerdWhistle as a dynamic innovator with a proven range of products already deployed in the field.

AlphaPhenomics brings to the table its cutting-edge technology, which has a broad array of applications from animal breeding and agriculture to bio-security and veterinary supervision. Their 3D and 4D imaging technology, combined with encrypted blockchain data transmission, sets new standards for biometric data processing.

Together, AlphaPhenomics and HerdWhistle aim to continue developing advanced livestock solutions, focusing on real-time assessment applications in feedlots for more accurate predictions and early detection systems for disease and infections.

HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. CEO, Adam Morand, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting that AlphaPhenomics’ world-renowned scientific team, combined with HerdWhistle’s innovative identification and traceability technologies, can revolutionize the livestock industry.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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