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Farm To Plate Launches Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Tracking Solution

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Farm to Plate (Website) has recently launched its innovative blockchain-based provenance and tracking solution for the food supply chain, Farm To Plate (F2P). F2P enhances data transparency throughout the food industry by facilitating end-to-end transparency from producers to consumers. As a result, it expands the scope of openness to the grassroots level of the industry, improving brand trust, financial stability, reputation for sustainability, responsible farming, and consumer transparency.

Compliant with GS1 and FDA FSMA Rule #204, F2P addresses the increasing regulatory demands for digitization and transparency while reducing recall risks and sizes. It is the first food supply chain solution connecting every stakeholder, including farmers and consumers, enabling consumer trust through clarity. Additionally, F2P offers microtipping, which allows direct tip producers from end consumers, securely transmitted over the blockchain without middlemen and the chances of fraud, thus boosting producers’ revenues.

“Farm to Plate will be revolutionary for food brands looking to develop a strong identity with the sustainability-focused modern consumer. By enabling transparency and directly connecting to their suppliers, brands can project a strong image as a modern, conscious corporation to their customers. This is the beginning of a long journey of trust between consumers and food brands.”- Mika Liss, Strategic Advisor, Farm To Plate.

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The platform provides immutable, end-to-end tracking and traceability, ensuring no single stakeholder has extreme information ownership and eliminating the risk of data fudging. F2P’s strong access controls enable granular control over who has access to what data, ensuring that only relevant and required information is accessible to different parties. In addition, the platform is modular, allowing for extending its capabilities as new features are added.

“Farm To Plate is the first food supply chain solution that will connect every stakeholder to the other and make them part of the system. Uniquely, we connect consumers and farmers directly – enabling consumer food trust through transparency and financial sustainability for producers through a single QR code. Our value proposition is enshrined in the 5 Ts: Trace, Track, Trade, Tip, Trust – and Tip is our favorite because it acknowledges the farmer.”- Pramod Sajja, President and CEO of Farm to Plate LLC. & Paramount Software Solutions Inc.

In addition to using permissioned blockchain, AI-driven tools, and automation through IoT devices, F2P offers innovative use of popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, voice transcription, vernacular language translations, and offline functionality. This makes track-and-trace solutions more accessible to farmers and fishermen. Furthermore, by leveraging the consumer-farmer connection through microtipping, F2P brings financial stability to the producer community and reduces the risk of overfarming.

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