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American Vanguard’s OHP Becomes Master Distributor for Certis Biologicals in U.S. Non-Crop Markets

American Vanguard's OHP Becomes Master Distributor for Certis Biologicals in U.S. Non-Crop Markets

Key Takeaways:

  1. OHP Inc., part of American Vanguard Company, to distribute Certis Biologicals’ products in U.S. non-crop markets.
  2. The agreement includes popular biopesticides like BotaniGard® and Mycotrol®.
  3. This partnership aligns with American Vanguard’s strategy to expand its GreenSolutions™ portfolio.
  4. OHP’s expertise in the non-crop segment is key to successfully delivering these technologies.
  5. The collaboration will start in 2024, enhancing the AMGUARD™ brand’s offerings.

Strategic Partnership for Green Solutions

American Vanguard Company (NYSE: AVD) has announced significant development in its subsidiary OHP Inc., a leader in technology-based greenhouse and nursery applications solutions. OHP has agreed to become the master distributor of Certis Biologicals’ products in U.S. non-crop markets. This agreement positions OHP as the sole access point for Certis technologies in these markets, starting in 2024.

Expanding Portfolio with Best-in-Class Products

The partnership includes the commercialization of Certis’ renowned biopesticides, BotaniGard® and Mycotrol®. Shayne M. Wetherall, CEO of OHP, expressed excitement about integrating Certis’ current and future innovations into OHP’s and AMGUARD’s rapidly expanding portfolio of GreenSolutions. This move is seen as a significant enhancement to the AMGUARD brand, known for its commitment to providing top-tier technologies and market access.

Focused on Non-Crop Market Segments

Amy O’Shea, President & CEO of Certis Biologicals, highlighted the longstanding partnership with OHP and the unique positioning of OHP in delivering biopesticide technologies to non-crop segments like nurseries, greenhouses, turf, ornamentals, and cannabis markets. Chris Judd, Head of North America at Certis Biologicals, emphasized the importance of finding the right partner to position their flagship brands effectively in these markets, expressing confidence in OHP’s capabilities.

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