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AmplifiedAg Releases Sustainability Impact Update

Shipping Container Farm, AmplifiedAg Sustainability Impact

AmplifiedAg, Inc.®, a leading agricultural technology company focused on the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) category, announced the release of its first Sustainability Impact Update, outlining the company’s operations and impact evaluation.

The release of the report coincides with AmplifiedAg’s participation in the USDA Food Loss and Waste Innovation Fair held today, September 14, 2022. In 2021, AmplifiedAg committed to be a USDA and EPA Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champion and set a goal to reduce food loss and waste by 50%.

“Our job as innovators, engineers, and farmers is to always be improving our results and solving for the complicated food supply issues we’re facing today,” said Don Taylor, CEO of AmplifiedAg. “This ethos and ambition drives everything we do, and is a perfect match for the challenge of sustainability because there is no single milestone for success in this realm. Success in terms of sustainability is a progressive and never-ending endeavor.

In the spirit of transparency, accountability, and industry collaboration, I am happy to share this AmplifiedAg Sustainability Impact Update that highlights our numerous initiatives and advancements. I am extremely proud of our team for all their commitment and efforts, and I am proud to be a member of the CEA business, technology, and farming community as we collectively pursue the most important and ambitious challenges of our time.”

The report shares the company’s evaluation of its business practices aligned with the global frameworks provided by GRI, SASB Standards, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The areas of focus include Scope 1 and 2 emissions, resource consumption, waste reduction, and other social and environmental impacts that our company has on team members and the planet. The report outlines the progress made in these areas, as well as AmplifiedAg’s commitment to publish science-based targets for annual ESG reporting beginning in 2023.

To download the AmplifiedAg Sustainability Impact Update and learn more about the company’s sustainable business initiatives, visit

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