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AROYA and OpenSprinkler Integration For Cannabis Growers

AROYA, a part of ADDIUM Inc., has announced the availability of its integration with OpenSprinkler, a drip irrigation controller utilized by 30–40% of farmers. Producers can acquire fresh insights by accessing their irrigation data in the same program as their climate and substrate data. It reduces complexity while increasing visibility for commercial cultivation by avoiding the need to log into different applications or switch between spreadsheets like those in Excel.

The AROYA Irrigation Control provides a comprehensive view of all grow-related data from a single screen by combining real-time readings of irrigation specifics via data visualizations. Cultivators can now control more complicated grows, even ones that span many rooms and facilities, thanks to the integration. Thanks to the integration, cultivators can now control more complicated grows, even ones that span many rooms and facilities. In addition, they can monitor and gain knowledge from irrigation data like Electrical Conductivity, water activity, and moisture content in one spot. Software and data streamlining will benefit farmers of all canopy sizes, but those operating across numerous locations and states would benefit the most. According to Scott Campbell, president of AROYA, “enabling integrations with third-party systems solidifies AROYA’s unrivaled position as the cannabis industry’s most user-friendly platform, giving growers the control, flexibility, visibility, and data-driven insights to manage every stage of cultivation.”

The integration combined the best of both worlds by giving farmers real-time readings of irrigation specifics through data visualizations and was tested in commercial growing situations. Because P1s and P2s are appropriately timed, operations are much more consistent. Users may handle many rooms and various zones within a single room more efficiently by quickly replicating and attaching schedules to harvest groups and recipes. Since it is sensor-agnostic, the program may be created to function with any combination of genetics, controls, nutrition, substrate, lighting, ERP, and compliance software.

Put, Campbell added, “We equip growers of all sizes with intelligent automation to survive and thrive in markets that are becoming increasingly competitive.”

Other cultivator-focused software options from AROYA include Metrc compliance and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. Customers with AROYA subscriptions have access to the company’s software and will have access to upcoming integrations and features when new upgrades are created and made available for the platform.

More than 500 operators choose AROYA as their preferred cannabis production platform because it offers actionable information that can be used to increase yield reliably, financially, and at scale while enhancing the quality of the finished product.

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