Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships Sustainable Agriculture

Pure Harvest Smart Farms and RedSea Announce Partnership

Key Takeaways: Strategic Acquisition: Pure Harvest Smart Farms is set to acquire RedSea’s six-hectare controlled-environment agriculture facility near Riyadh as part of RedSea’s

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AgriBusiness Partnerships

Agrivalle and Ginkgo Bioworks Enter Multiyear Partnership

Key Takeaways: Strategic Collaboration: Agrivalle and Ginkgo Bioworks have formed a strategic partnership to enhance Agrivalle’s agricultural biological products using Ginkgo’s advanced cell programming

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Regenerative Ag Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Plan for Regenerative Farming

Key Takeaways: Launch of Blended Finance Framework: The Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Agribusiness Task Force at COP 28 announced a new finance framework to support

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AgriBusiness Mergers & Acquisitions

KENT Acquires Frosty Boy Global

KENT Corporation, a prominent family-owned company known for its diverse range of food, beverage, and agriculture products, has recently made a significant stride

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Blockchain Livestock Partnerships Smart Farming

HerdWhistle Partners with BlockTrust

Key Takeaways Partnership Announcement: HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. partners with BlockTrust Network to expand market reach and customer base in the web3 space. Product

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Digital Solutions Partnerships Precision Ag Smart Farming

Trimble and Sabanto Partner for Enhanced Autonomous Tractors

Key Takeaways: Strategic Partnership: Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and Sabanto have announced a significant collaboration integrating Trimble’s advanced GNSS receivers with Sabanto’s autonomy solutions for

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Renewable Energy Sustainable Agriculture Vertical Farming

V-FAST: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture in the UK

Key Takeaways: Innovative Collaboration: V-FAST, a consortium of four British companies, is revolutionizing UK agriculture with support from Innovate UK and the Biotechnology &

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Carbon Credits Partnerships Sustainable Agriculture

ReSeed and CREACC-NG Partner

Key Takeaways: Partnership Announcement: ReSeed, a leader in nature-based carbon credit solutions, partners with CREACC-NG to bring Nigerian smallholder farmers’ carbon credits to the

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AgriBusiness Mergers & Acquisitions

Invaio Sciences Acquires Peptyde Bio

Key Takeaways: Invaio Sciences’ Acquisition of Peptyde Bio: Invaio Sciences has recently acquired Peptyde Bio, significantly enhancing its capabilities in developing sustainable agricultural solutions.

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Carbon Credits Sustainable Agriculture

Indigo Ag Expands Its Scope 3 Product Suite

Key Takeaways Indigo Ag’s Expanded Scope 3 Product Suite: Offers comprehensive solutions for measuring, reducing, and reporting Scope 3 emissions, especially beneficial for agribusinesses

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